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What sign of the zodiac suitable diamond

What signs of the zodiac suitable diamond

Birthstone and stones deals astromineralogiya.

Its origins lie in ancient times, as far back as the Middle Ages there were the first table correlating specific stones with astrological signs.

Diamonds and fire

Astrologers different schools and trends are notto reach a consensus about who is best suited diamond, but none of them does not argue with the fact that it is one of the "trinity of fire." Representatives of the zodiac signs the fire element, namely Leo, Aries and Sagittarius get from this beautiful stone patronage and protection. The most widely believed that diamonds should be Aries. Stone strengthens their courage and fearlessness, quenching with anger and irritability.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, an international association of jewelers made and approved lists of stones and their corresponding signs of the zodiac.

On the other hand, the Lions are recommended diamond,as an amplifier natural generosity and generosity, typical of this sign. These stones help Lions achieve their goals, not to despair in the middle of the road.
Diamonds with Sagittarius situation workmitigating social factor. They allow Sagittarius easier to communicate with other signs of the zodiac, less irritated, not to lose interest in the other party after a couple of standard phrases. So this stone is strongly recommended to purchase the Sagittarius, whose lives and careers depend on their social skills.

Diamonds and other signs of the zodiac

Diamonds can come not only to firesigns. Of course, to a lesser extent, but they are suitable earth triad, particularly Capricorn. This sign they help focus the ambition to succeed and to muffle negative emotions. However, it is believed that Capricorn is better to wear jewelry with this stone on occasion, but do not wear them all the time.
If we talk about air signs, to mentionLibra. Libra diamond fit, actually working companion. A similar energy structure allows the stone to maintain balance in a stable, balanced state.

Choose clean stones without defects, cutIt may be any, as long as the stone is transparent, beautiful and perfect. Do not buy jewelry for show, it will not bring you the desired result.

As for those who do not should acquirediamond jewelry, their list is topped by fish. This zodiac sign should avoid overly powerful, active stones, which can drown out their own energy.
Choosing diamond jewelery, remember thatone large stone placers stronger ones. It is advisable to buy jewelry whose design allows a diamond in contact with your skin. The annular rim without metal substrate under a rock, suspension design, not covering the entire stone with one hand - all this will allow you to feed the diamond through contact.

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