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What sign of the zodiac suitable agate

What signs of the zodiac suitable agate

Layered structure, the finest color transitions, exquisite drawing, rich color palette - all classifies agate to one of the most attractive and favorite semi-precious stones.

Many believe that agate can bring good luck and return to health, however, the stone does not fit all.

Matte or completely transparent, agateused to create jewelery, which often look like works of art, they can be equated with genuine masterpieces of jewelry. However, not all product made from agate, whether it is the finest carved box or a necklace, can benefit its owner.

The magical power of stones honored and truly professed different faiths and religions at all times of the existence of mankind.

It is believed that the stone - a symbolic element, itcan protect its owner or, conversely, cause irreparable damage to his health and well-being. Astrologers, for example, believe that every stone corresponds to a zodiac sign, and has the properties of a kind of talisman or amulet. There are stones that fit virtually all signs sidereal horoscope, and there are those that, on the contrary, correspond to only one single constellation. To one of these little gems of universal concerns and agate.

Yellow agate

For Taurus most suitable yellow agate,a symbol of prosperity and peace in the house, combining the elements of Venus and Saturn. Soft and quiet agate brings good luck representatives sign of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius Rakov. Pisces, for example, are advised to adorn themselves with products from agate not more than once a week, and Sagittarius, Scorpio and Aries stone and does contraindicated, it is believed that these characters are shallow and pathetic and frail under the influence of powerful forces emitted agate.

White agate

Moon and Venus - Patron white agate. Carriers of this stone certainly will gain peace of mind and protect themselves from malevolent spirits, Agate gray suit honest and noble people. Aquarians and Leos suit blue agate, but those who are born under the sign of Virgo, you should avoid contact with the representatives of the black stone.

It is believed that properly selected for the zodiac sign of agate promotes the accelerated development of children, and removes the fear of excessive sensitivity.

It is believed that agates have a beneficialeffects on human health, to help cope with a toothache, colds and diseases of the joints. People with a tendency to cardiovascular disease is decorating agate rings ring finger of his left hand, but the middle finger of his right hand, ringed like a decoration, will help to cope with all sorts of mental disorders.

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