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WHAT sick smokers

The sick smokers

On the harmful effects of smoking on the human body is written a lot of books, a lot of educational films shot. However, to decrease the number of smokers in no hurry.

Even knowing that smoking is deadly, not all smokers imagine how many illnesses can cause regular inhalation of tobacco smoke.

All illnesses from smoking?

Smoking affects primarily the respiratory system -it is easy to have to filter the toxic smoke. Smokers suffer from chronic laryngitis (inflammation of the vocal cords) - this voice becomes hoarse and deaf, chronic bronchitis and from obstructive lung disease in which the bronchi constrict, increasing the secretion of mucus.

Cough - a constant companion of smokers. If a person smokes a lot and for a long time, he is in danger of dying from emphysema.

Smoking affects the gastro-intestinal tract -spoiled teeth suffer mucosa of the mouth, esophagus, stomach. Because of this, there are stomatitis, oesophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus), chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
Pathologies of the cardiovascular system is also closelyrelated to smoking - the number of heart disease and blood vessels, threatening smokers enormous. It is coronary heart disease, heart attack, atherosclerosis, hypertension and many other diseases.


Portrait of a smoker has a recognizabletraits: yellow teeth, gray wrinkled skin, grown old prematurely. The fact that smoking impedes the supply of oxygen to the tissues and organs of this disturbed nutrition of the skin, it becomes thinner and loses its fresh appearance quickly. Especially easy to part with his smooth and soft skin youthful women.
However, it is suffering from lack of oxygen, not onlyAppearance - disturbed blood supply of the whole organism. Suffer extremity vessels - because of this developing such diseases as arterial occlusive disease, often leading to amputation of the legs.

Violation of cerebral circulation causes memory loss, slow thinking process, makes it difficult to focus. Smokers are more prone to strokes.

If a pregnant woman smokes, suffers not onlyher body, but the body of the fetus. The embryo is not getting enough oxygen, it lacks nutrients, because of that the children of smoking mothers are often born with low birth weight, with severe congenital abnormalities, including heart defects.

Smoking and cancer

Tobacco tar - the strongest carcinogen. The most common oncopathology, notes smokers - Lung cancer. However, apart from him, smokers risk purchase lip cancer, tongue, larynx, stomach, esophagus ...
It is also shown that smokers oftendevelop intestinal tumors, bladder and kidneys. Women who do not leave a cigarette, often suffer from cervical cancer and breast cancer. In men, smoking can cause prostate cancer.

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