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Ticks are dangerous because they causevarious diseases, the most dangerous of them - tick-borne encephalitis. Many insufficiently serious about the likelihood that their tick bite, as long as not discover it for yourself.

What to do if bitten by a tick?

Many simply do not understand how to remove the tick, especially in a state of panic, which covers in such cases.

To avoid tick bites, you need to take precautions - do regular immunizations and use repellents.

In that case, if a tick bite, it should becontact the emergency station to remove it, because ticks can be dangerous. If bitten by a tick, but can not see a doctor, try to remove it yourself, making it as carefully as possible.

What should I do if bitten by a tick

Is it worth trying to pull the tick yourself? Yes, but this would require a curved, or any other special tweezers or tongs. Do not try to simply pull the ticks from the body. It is likely that you tear the torso, head and insect remains. That it is the most dangerous, so try to grab the tick as close to the head, then it should be gently rotated on its axis in any direction and at the same time pulling out of the body. The only way to remove a tick, it does so and the doctor in the emergency room.

Do not try to pull and do not intercepttweezers to reduce compression and exclude getting into the wound saliva of ticks, it will help reduce the risk of exposure to tick-borne encephalitis or other infection which carries a tick. If you are unable to avoid breaking the tick, and the wound was left of his head, it must be removed, as an ordinary splinter, and then treat the wound with a solution of iodine or brilliant green.

What to do with ticks

If you are bitten by a tick, but failed to remove it,insect should be referred to the laboratory for research on carrier infections. To do this, put it in a glass bottle, close the lid and put in the fridge. It is desirable that the tick was alive when you deliver it to the lab. If you have only fragments, and take them to study, but in this case the probability of detection of infection greatly reduced.

If you find that ticks was contagious,It needs to carry out preventive treatment after a tick bite. For urgent prevention of encephalitis special preparations are used on prescription. This is the main thing to do if bitten by a tick. The smaller the mite was in contact with the body, the less risk of infection, it is desirable to pull a tick from the body can be used. The most accurate way to determine whether there is infection - a blood test, but not immediately after a tick bite, and after 10 days or later.

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