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WHAT must be taken into account when starting repairs in an apartment


Repair should be carefully thought out</a>

There are many small things and nuances that you need to consider when starting a renovation of the room.

The duration and the result of the whole event depend on this.

Consideration should be given to the advice and advice of specialists.

Repair itself is very difficult. If initially everything was wrongly designed and marked, then the consequences can turn out to be the most unpredictable. To avoid alterations, you must first create a project of the future premises. Most often people miss this stage and quickly start repairs, and then it turns out that there are not enough outlets, lights, all the planned furniture does not fit. An abstract representation of a renovated apartment is not enough. It is better to spend time creating an accurate, thoughtful project than to fix it later. And this also requires time and additional material investment.

Drafting of the project

The project should be as many as three: Design, electrical and planning. They all agree with each other and correspond to the parameters and area of ​​the apartment. Now it is necessary to determine who these projects will be. Ideally, it is better to seek professional help. They have a lot of experience, they know subtleties, nuances and standards. After all, redevelopment of the apartment requires special rules and coordination with the housing and communal services. It is important to consider how the heating system, gas equipment, water supply, hood, wiring, where the air conditioner will be located, will take place. One inaccuracy can lead to the collapse of the whole project. Of course, the services of professionals are expensive. And in addition to the project, you also have to pay for materials and work. If the owner of the apartment is confident in his abilities, he can do the designing himself, having studied the building norms.

Before you buy something, you need to consult with builders who know a lot about their work.

Cash flow

When starting repair, it is necessary to calculate the cashThe means necessary to translate all ideas into reality. Prices for materials can be found in the nearest store, work crews have a price list for the services provided. The calculated amount will be approximate, because it is rarely possible to take into account all. During the repair, something may change, or there will be additional difficulties. In order not to buy excess, it is necessary to accurately measure the area of ​​the enclosed surface.

It is necessary to give due attention to the safety of the home. You can set the grilles on windows and alarms. The security service will come to the rescue on the first call.

Part of the construction work can be doneIndependently, without resorting to the help of a construction team. For example, stick wallpaper, paint the walls, hang chandeliers and sconces, glue the plinth. This will help save material resources.

In advance it is necessary to determine the materials forWall, floor and ceiling finishes. They should be suitable for use in a particular room. Think about the style of the apartment, the color scheme, the amount of light. You can browse through the magazines and choose an example of the interior.

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