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What should I see in St. Petersburg in the first place

What to see in St. Petersburg in the first place

Peter I conceived of St. Petersburg as a new, European city, which embodied all the best and progressive.

I do not hail Peter because so fascinates after three centuries that the greatest people of Russia have put his heart and soul to make this city beautiful?

In his first visit to St. Petersburg tourist should see the brightest diamonds this northern crown, then to come back here for new treasures.

Walk along Nevsky

in St. Petersburg the first outing usually start withNevsky Prospekt and the move towards the Neva, Fontanka River crossing first, and then the Griboyedov Canal. Here, in the immediate vicinity are located two of the greatest temple.
On the left hand - Kazan Cathedral, spread two wings of stone columns along a small square. People go to the temple to worship the current icon of Kazan Mother of God, and the tomb of Field Marshal Kutuzov.
Right, inland from the Nevsky Prospekt, going intoGriboyedov Canal, is the Savior on Spilled Blood, Church of the Ascension. Smart Cathedral with colorful onion-domed cupolas operates as a museum. Inside the temple is part of the bridge, which was mortally wounded Tsar Liberator Alexander II, who in whose honor erected this memorial church.

The ensemble of the Palace Square

Across the river Moika can go to the heart of the city -Palace Square. It is surrounded on one side of the building of the General Staff, on the other hand - elegant decoration of the Winter Palace, in the center stands the Alexander Column. The highest column in the world was built to commemorate the victory over Napoleon in the Patriotic War of 1812.
On a visit to the Hermitage, the treasury of world art and history, should take at least one day. The museum is located in seven buildings, passing one another.

Spit of Vasilyevsky Island

The front facade of the Winter Palace overlooks theNeva embankment. Palace bridge leads residents and tourists on the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Here in front of the Stock Exchange, like a Greek temple, spread a beautiful ensemble with rostral columns. The 32-hmetrovye tower beacons are decorated according to ancient custom bow of the ship.

Cradle of St. Petersburg

If the roll before the Palace bridge to the right,you can walk to the Trinity Bridge. Immediately behind him - updated for Summer Garden sung in verse bars. At the Troitsky Bridge, you can go to the fortress, the place of foundation of the city, where museums are working with Naryshkin bastion shot gun, and in the Peter and Paul Cathedral are buried Russian emperors.

Bronze Horseman

To the left of the Palace Bridge, you can see the buildingAdmiralty. Its slim gilded spire crowned by a sailboat, which has become a symbol of St. Petersburg. Further upstream of the Neva River - the Decembrists' Square, the former Senate, where there is a monument to Peter I, sung in the poem, AS Pushkin's "The Bronze Horseman."
Behind the statue of the king - bulk of St. Isaac's Cathedral. Built as the main cathedral, it can accommodate up to 14 thousand people, and with a beautiful view of the colonnade of St. Petersburg's historical center.

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