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WHAT to hide from children


What to hide from children</a>

As children develop and grow up, they learn more and more space, including at home, and they also acquire life experience.

It is important that all these processes are safe for the child.

Regardless of age and level of development, it is necessary to hide from children the following:
- medicines-
- pesticides and strong substances (essential oils, food supplements, etc.) -
- alcohol and cigarettes-
- weapons-
- at the discretion and discretion of parents - valuable things and money.

What to hide from children who learn to crawl and walk

When a child begins to actively developThe surrounding world, his parents need to make this process as safe as possible - both for the baby and for the home. The first thing to do is to remove all the beating and valuable objects from the reach of the child. It is not necessary to leave cell phones, laptops and other devices in an accessible place - the child can not only pull the wire and drop them on himself, which is fraught with injuries, but also to break down rather expensive things.
It is important to assess the potential harm from allObjects that can be in the reach of the child, then hide the most dangerous of them. For example, magazines - children under one year are able to tear off a piece of the page and put it in your mouth, at the risk of choking. If there is not an adult nearby, this situation can become dangerous for the health and even the life of the child. Therefore, books, magazines, newspapers, plastic bags and everything that can become a source of various troubles, must be raised or hidden.

Many experts recommend that parentsSpend a few minutes a day in order to explain to the child the possible consequences of certain actions - in this case, later, you will have to hide much less things.

Safety of older children

Folk wisdom says: "Small children are small children", implying that with the growing up of children the scale of the troubles, unfortunately, can increase. Usually children who are 5-6 years old already understand the danger that is contained in a glass with hot tea, sharp scissors and electric wire sticking out of the ground (of course, if the parents took care of their child to take such things in time). Thus, you can no longer hide scissors and a needle bed, as well as other accessories for needlework (of course, if there are adults nearby who control what is happening), but, at the same time, it's time to remove some other objects.
At preschool age, many children oftenBegin to show interest in books and can react strongly to what they see. Do not leave in an accessible place materials that could harm the child's psyche, for example, magazines and newspapers with descriptions of crimes and related photographs. If the house has books or magazines of the category "for adults", it's also time to properly hide them. It will not be superfluous, just in case, to check the illustrations in the books that may be available to the child.

Cosmetics and household chemicals

Ideally, a child by the age of 5-6 already has someThe idea of ​​who, how and why it uses this or that subject. For example, a girl who sees how her mother uses a deodorant not only fully understands the meaning of what is happening, but she herself is able to use it if desired. However, a child who was not explained in time for whom and for what spices and powder, mascara and lipstick are needed, and also how to use them, can, firstly, get an injury, an allergic reaction or poisoning, and secondly, spoil expensive cosmetics .

Do not store household chemicals in containers from underBaby food, sweets or edible products - this can cause poisoning if the baby accidentally opens a bottle or box and decides to taste the contents.

Seeing that the child was interested in some kind ofSubject, it is better to spend a little time explaining and show how to use it correctly. Otherwise, the kid himself will try to satisfy his curiosity, getting to the "forbidden fruit." If the child, for example, decides to repeat the gesture of the mother and tries to open the perfume with a spray, there is a high probability that the jet will get into the face and eyes. To avoid this, it is better to hide such items in advance or teach the child to use them correctly as soon as possible.

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