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WHAT to do if Windows does not see the keyboard


What to do if Windows does not see the keyboard</a>

The proper functioning of the personal computer is based on the good operation of the operating system.

It happens that the failure occurs, and Windows does not see the keyboard.

The step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting will depend on the type of keyboard connection: PS / 2 or USB.



When connecting a PS / 2 type keyboard: plug the cable from the keyboard into the connector of the corresponding color on the back of the system unit, restart the computer.


When you connect a USB keyboard,Activate USB support in Bios. Go to Bios by pressing the "Delete" key when you start the computer. Find the USB Controller settings and check the settings to "Enabled". Save your changes by pressing F10 or "Y". Exit Bios by pressing F10 or "Y". Restart the computer.


If the above instructions do not applyLed to a positive result, do the following: right click on the "My Computer" icon, find the "Management" item. Select the category "Device Manager", find the keyboard in the device list and right-click on the label. Select "delete", reconnect the keyboard. Select the "update hardware configuration" task in the "Action" section of Device Manager. You can also check the "USB Controllers" section for errors by selecting the "treatment" function in the Device Manager menu.


In addition to the difficult reasons that Windows does not see the keyboard, there can be very little: squeezing the keyboard wire or having a production fault.

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