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iPhone does not turn on what to do

Sometimes it happens that the mobile phone stuck due to minor glitches in the operating system.

Is no exception and the popular smartphone from Apple.

What to do if you do not turn on an iPhone?



First, check whether your phone is charged. To do this, insert the charger cable into the connector on the phone, and the power supply into a power outlet. Sometimes it happens that there is no power outlet, so your device simply can not be charged, however, if the charging does not start, check that the current in the network (try to connect another device).


It is necessary for to turn on iPhonea few seconds to hold the power button - the power at the top end of the phone. If the apple screen, stating the loading device, and does not appear, it means that you must restart the iPhone.


If the standard method for iPhone does not turn onthere is a charge, click on the button at the same time power (the power button on the top) and home (circle on the front panel). Hold them together a few seconds. When will restart the system, on a standard screen saver appears on the screen, and then turn on the phone.


Do not connect the iPhone to your computer, if you restart it described method, since the phone can start to restore the software.


Prevention of failures in the iPhone, becausewhich it can not be included, it is a timely clearance of RAM. To remove unnecessary applications from it, double-click the circle home and close unnecessary programs.


There is a misperception that includeDisabled iPhone will help removing the battery, but do not break your smartphone, the above procedure is sufficient to restart the system. If it does not help, you should contact the service.

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