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What to do if the ATM does not return card

What to do if the ATM does not return card

Bank card - a convenient and secure way to store money. She can pay directly in stores, but you can withdraw money from any ATM.

But it is the handling of the latter may be unexpected problems.

Why swallow ATMs cards?

ATM may refuse to return the card ona whole range of reasons. Maybe you mistyped the PIN code several times in succession. Perhaps there was some serious technical failure of the device. Card can block the bank, which it is released. She could get a mechanical or electromagnetic damage, or simply was overdue. If the ATM is one of the reasons for delayed card, it should display the phrase "delayed Map" and print a check on which card code retention specified.

What to do?

The first thing after you try to remove the ATM cardto try to cancel the operation by pressing the "Cancel" button. If the card was mistakenly detained the ATM, it will return it within two to five minutes. If the ATM card and did not return, it is necessary to contact the service center agency that caters to this particular device.

Be sure to keep the receipt, which gives an ATM card after detention. At least you have on hand will be information about the reasons for the lock that you decipher your bank.

Number is usually indicated on the organizationATM. During a call, you need to tell the operator that your card detained an ATM, to dictate its number and their passport details, to clarify when and how you can get the card back. Do not forget to specify what additional documents you will need for this. For example, if your ATM card and belong to different banks, you may need a letter of guarantee from the bank that issued the card.
If the ATM is not possible to find a contactdata service organization, call your bank and explain the situation. Be sure to specify the location of the ATM location. In any case, your bank calls you need to be sure to lock the card.

Make the memory of your mobile phone number card support for your clients. This saves nerves and time in a critical situation.

How to get your money then?

After returning your card or a third partybank, it is necessary to unlock. To do this, write a standard application in your bank. Note that the return of the card takes a few weeks, so that in some cases it is easier to write an application for re-issue cards to continue to bank account. This procedure takes a week on average. Most likely you will have to pay some money for unlocking, lock, or re-issue.

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