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What should be the structure of the text for the site

What should be the structure of the text for the site

Web site page - this is one of his "business card", therefore, it must be executed properly and thought.

As for the content posted on this page, it is necessary to build according to certain rules.

To start the text should be "legkochitabelnym". The more accessible your content, the more it is able to attract users, but obscure and abstruse it may alienate them.

It is essential that the text for the Internet wasstructured, but rather had partitions. Search engines do not like big chunks of content without paragraphs and sub-figures and the other dividers. Not recommended also spread articles that cited other materials of the same Web site or other resources, which are inserted pictures huge format.

Hostility among the visitors and search engines, and awakens hidden text, small and weird font. Since the text is written for people who should provide them comfort when reading.

As an exemplary structure of content, you can choose the following:

  • header - a great and exciting and always containing the keyword / phrase (for example, "How to sell a car in Moscow") -
  • couple sub-headings, each of which contains some basic phrases or slovosochetanie-
  • drawings in tags ALT-
  • location in the text of graphs, tables and the podobnoe-
  • hyperlinks that send the user to other pages of the website, where they can find more detailed information.

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