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What should be the skills of lending manager

What should be the skills of lending manager

In recent years, a host of new activities.

And some of them seem to be very attractive in terms of operation, material compensation and other aspects.

For example, the position of manager of credit represented just such an easy and pleasant place, where you can earn good money.

It is believed that the position of managerLending does not require any special skills, and it can get almost any person with a higher or secondary vocational education. But in fact, a number of banks requirements for candidates for this position may vary significantly and be very high. Just as a person and professional responsibilities incumbent on the credit manager may be different in different organizations.
In any case, the essence of the activities of thisspecialist is to ensure that it assists customers in obtaining credit counseling and conducts exercises in some cases execution of the loan documentation.
And, of course, advantages when applying for the position of Credit Manager will be at candidates with a number of specific professional and personal qualities.

Professional skills

Not bad, if a candidate for this position hasHigher education in the economic sphere, has the basics of financial and economic analysis, knowledge is directly related to credit issues. Experience in the industry will also be an additional advantage.
Adopted at the position of credit manageralready in the first weeks of his employment must demonstrate the ability to implement projects in order to attract loans, business plans of investment calculations.
After several months specialist mustdemonstrate the ability to properly execute credit agreements, as well as to their support, track spending of credit funds, their security, and correctly write analytical reports on the results of its activities.
Important professional skills for lending include the ability to review and analyze the costs and the ability to offer possible ways of reducing these costs.
Manager of Insurance must be aware of the financial market situation, systematically track changes in the regulatory and legislative framework.

Personal qualities

Credit Manager Jobs - is, above all,working with people, so to hold office communication should not be a problem. In addition to professional literacy, a specialist should fully enjoy the tricks and skills to communicate effectively, be friendly and attentive not only to the registration of documents, but also to customer needs.
Personal charm, stress, methods of regulating the possession of his mental state is also important to work in this position.

And, of course, by lending - a member of theteam and teamwork, respect the chain of command, to obey the requirements of the organization in which he works, are also important for its success.

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