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What should be the make-up of a woman after 45

What should be the make-up of a woman after 45

Make-up women after 45 years of inflicting requires care and delicacy of the palette.

Avoid aggressive color, large sequins and others will take a young fashion.

Your choice - delicate texture, products with good hiding power and shades that can beneficial to emphasize the dignity of your appearance.

You will need

  • - Liquid foundation base
  • - loose powder-
  • - Cream rumyana-
  • - Eyeshadow and brovey-
  • - mascara-
  • - Lipstick.



To make rejuvenates the face, it is not necessaryapply it too thickly. Prefer light texture. Instead dense creams use modern tonal base with the addition of light-reflecting particles and polymers. Such funds will hide wrinkles and spots, giving the skin a slight shine, at the same time removing excess sebum.


Instead, use compact powder Loose,causing them large fluffy brush. The color should match the shade of your skin. Some makeup artists suggest using powder on the darker tone - it will give a person the freshness. Avoid very bright, vybelivayuschih powders and creams, they will face expressionless and flat.


The best blush for mature women - cream. They place most naturally shaded easy to hide small wrinkles and dry skin. Hue choose depending on tsvetotipa. The warm golden skin are coral and peach blush, cold - pink and reddish. Avoid controversial or purple doll-pink shades, they come only very young girls.


Tidy eyebrows - they will makecompleted. Bringing them the best special shades or wax in gray or ocher tones Koricheva. The shade depends on your hair color. Do not make a very dark eyebrows, it underscores age. Touch up them and then powder the brush - a welcome refresh and rejuvenate a person visually.


Making eye make-up, give up the multi-colordivorce on the eyelids - it looks old-fashioned. Do not use too bright and dark shades. On the mobile eyelid, apply cream or powdery shade of mossy green, grayish-blue, purple or gray-brown tones, well blending them with a brush. The same color can be summed and lower eyelids. Avoid bright arrows and the inner liner of the century - mature ladies make such techniques do not go. Be sure nakraste quality lashes extension or bulk ink.


Remove from cosmetic lip lacquer and vinyllip, and clear fruit balms. Your choice - a quality lipstick with a velvet or satin effect. It gives your lips a beautiful shade, conceals small imperfections, not smeared, and is not going in the folds of the lips. Do not outline the contour of the mouth pencil - lipstick be applied by brush, sticks or even a fingertip. Carefully choose the colors. Very dark brown, purple and maroon shades of the old. Prefer tones of rosewood, cocoa, tea rose or soft coral - these lipsticks are appropriate and in the afternoon, and evening.

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