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How should the electrolyte level in the battery be


What should be the level of electrolyte in the battery</a>

To make your car always start easily andQuickly, the battery held the battery in any weather in winter and summer, keep this power source in perfect condition: periodically measure the density of the electrolyte and, of course, monitor its level in all banks.

Battery selection

The battery is certainly the most important detail of anycars. That there were no problems at start of the engine, the storage battery (АКБ) necessarily should correspond to capacity of the car. The higher the engine power, the greater the capacity of the battery. For example, on "Zhigulenok" it is desirable to put a battery with a capacity of 60 A / h. These requirements are fully consistent with reliable domestic batteries: tymen battery, "Akteh", "Akom" and others. Given the modern requirements to drive and daytime with the dipped beam on, this will guarantee a constant working condition of the battery. On the other hand, it is unacceptable to install super-power batteries, since such a battery can lead to failure of the electrical components of the car.

For the same reason, do not come up with a request to "light" the owners of powerful cars - a high current at the start of the engine can play a cruel joke.

Watch the electrolyte level

The electrolyte in the battery is 36%Aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Its average density should be 1.28 g / cc. The lead plates in the cans are all the time in a completely immersed state - the electrolyte level should rise 10-15 mm above them. Measure with a glass tube, lowering it into the fill hole to the plates and holding the upper hole with your finger. The height of the post in the tube must correspond to the indicated figures.

On a battery with a transparent casing, the electrolyte level is determined visually. It must be between the min and max labels.

As a result of operation, evaporation is possibleThe water component of the solution and the level drop. In this case, it is necessary to add distilled water to the cans. The electrolyte is added only in case of a solution spillage. In this case, in no case is it possible to pour directly into the banks of concentrated acid!

If you operate a maintenance-free battery, there is no refilling procedure in them. However, this type of battery requires more stringent operating requirements.

Other rules of battery operation

To ensure that your battery lasts a long time and does not fail in the most critical situations, observe the following basic rules for its operation:
- monitor the serviceability of the relay-generator and periodically measure the voltage produced by the generator-
- keep the battery terminals clean. It is desirable to cover them with a grease-
- Do not store the battery in a discharged state.
- Start the engine with short-time (5-10 sec) starter starts with interruptions for 10-15 seconds.

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