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What should be the frequency of breathing

What should be the frequency of breathing

Under the respiratory rate refers to the number of breaths that a person does in a state of rest for one minute. This factor plays an important role in diagnosis.

However, we are feeling ill, pay more attention to other symptoms of illness, losing sight of this important information, often do not know what is considered normal rate of respiration.

Measurement of the respiratory rate

Respiratory rate is measured by the number of breaths,which a person performs for one minute. Since many factors can affect the outcome, it is important to measure all the rules. A person must be at least 10 minutes alone. It is advisable that the patient did not know that someone believes the number of breaths, because human psychology is such that he breathes unnatural way, if he knows he is being followed. Because of this, the measurement results may be inaccurate. In hospitals, nurses often under the guise of pulse measurement count the number of breaths, watching as the chest rises and falls.

Increased respiratory rate is a symptomthe following conditions: fever, dehydration, acidosis, pulmonary disease, asthma, preceding infarction condition, an overdose of drugs (eg, aspirin or amphetamine), panic attack

respiratory rate Standards

Children make a greater number of breaths thanadults, as well as women breathe more quickly than men. However, there are average breathing frequency, specific for different age groups. Infants aged 1 to 12 months make 30-60 breaths per minute, children 1-2 years - 24-40 breaths, pre-school children (3-5 years) - 22-34 breaths, schoolchildren (6-12 years old) - 18-30 breaths. For teenagers from 13 to 17 years is considered normal respiratory rate of 12-16 breaths per minute, and for adults - 12-18 breaths.

What does the respiratory rate

The number of breaths over a period equal toone minute, indicating how often the brain sends light signals to the need to take a breath. If the oxygen level in the blood decreases or increases the carbon dioxide level of the brain respond to this. For example, infection with a strong increase in the blood concentration of carbon dioxide, while the oxygen is at a normal level. The brain is activated on the situation and sends a signal light. That is why seriously ill people often breathe.

Slow breathing is a symptom of the following conditions: drug or alcohol intoxication, metabolic disorders, sleep apnea, stroke or brain injury

There are situations where a systemcommunication does not work properly. For example, when a person is in drugs or alcohol or if the trauma of the head damaged part of the brain responsible for respiratory function. And increase, and slow breathing rhythm indicates that health is something wrong. If it is not a violation of breath due to physical activity (slopes, quick step, lifting weights), then these symptoms, be sure to inform your doctor.

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