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How there should be a distance between the fences


What should be the distance between the fences</a>

When building a house and various economic buildings, a person tries to make maximum use of the territory for construction.

In order not to make mistakes and not pay penalties for illegal structures, it is necessary to know the requirements and standards for the distance between the fences.

When it comes to the distances from the building to the fence, there is no point in referring to the complacent neighbors and their lack of objections to the construction. All rules and regulations are regulated by law.

If the site is intended for gardening

There is SNiP 30-02-97 with the amendments introduced on March 12, 2001, which contains all the necessary building norms that are never changed radically.
All land plots must be fenced offTransparent fences to prevent the shading of neighboring property. Grids or lattice fences are not higher than one and a half meters. A deaf fence can be made from the side of the roadway.
The distance between the house and the fence of neighbors shouldBe at least three meters. Metering is made from the base of the house to the boundary. If it is a building for household needs, the distance is one meter. The building for keeping poultry and livestock should be located no closer than four meters from the boundary. The garage should be located no closer than one meter from the fence.
Separately specified distance from the road toFence. The owner of the site can not independently determine it, because he has only the boundaries of his possessions. However, there are requirements that the distance from a residential house and outbuildings to the road line should be at least five meters. If it's a trip, then it's three meters.

Detailed information on the permitted fence distances can be obtained from the architecture department of your village.

Individual housing construction

Dimensions and designs of fences of individual housing construction are not standardized, and it can be any, according to the wishes and possibilities of the owner of the land.
The distance between the fences is regulated by SNiP20-102-99. So, the border of the neighboring site should not be closer than three meters. The distance from the windows of the neighboring house to the wall of your residential building is not closer than six meters.

According to the requirements of fire safety, the distance between wooden houses should be at least 12 meters, and between stone houses not less than 6 meters.

If there is no possibility of observing regulatedDistance, you can get the written consent of neighbors, confirming that they are not against the structure not according to the norms. As for the buildings and the garage, the requirements are the same as for the horticultural plots.
With all this, it is necessary to comply with fire regulations. In case of fire, firemen need unimpeded access to each capital structure.

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