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What should be done to open Ltd.

What should be done to open Ltd.

Starting a new business and creating enterprisewhich in the legal form of a limited liability company, many entrepreneurs want to register it yourself. In this case, you will have to spend some time and nerves.

Simplify the procedure of registration of the knowledge of the registration sequence.

What documents are required to open Ltd.

The opening, i.e. the beginning of the activities of your company can be considered a fait accompli is only after the company pass the state registration in tax inspection at the place of registration and will be entered into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Entities). Proof of this is to obtain the Certificate of state registration of the legal entity and a certified extract from the register.
To this end, the tax office you must provide a package of documents, which includes:
- Application for registration of the LLC by the unified form R11001-
- Charter of the enterprise (in 2 copies) -
- Founding documents - the general meeting of the founders of the protocol, the decision to establish predpriyatiya-
- List of founders with passport data and addresses ongoing registratsii-
- An order appointing the director and chief accountant OOO-
- A payment document confirming payment of the state fee (4000 rubles).
If you choose the simplified system of taxation, to the application for registration must be attached and a statement about the transition to this system.

The composition of the package of documents necessary to specify the pre-tax inspection, on the ground there are some nuances, in particular, in the form of original certification.

How to submit documents to the tax

Payment of the state fee for registrationorganizations need to see a notary, that he assured the statutory documents and your application in the form R11001. In some regions will need help on making the charter capital of a temporary settlement account. To do this will need to go to the bank and open an account to put on it the authorized capital, if it is made by the founders in monetary form.
All documents and certificates go toterritorial tax office, hand over the documents and get your hands on a receipt to their list. The receipt date is indicated, to which you will want to return to the tax office to get the certificate of state registration and other documents confirming it.

After opening a current account you must notify the tax office and the funds within 7 days.

The final stage

Upon receipt of the registration documentsenterprise you will need to order the production of print and get in the department of statistics of the State Statistics Service codes for the selected activity. In addition, you will need to receive a notification from the Pension Fund and the FSS for the registration of your company. Only after that you can go to the bank to open an account and start a full company work.

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