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What should be done on a cross at a christening

What should be done on a cross at a christening

The sacrament of baptism is a rite of purification of the soul and spiritual birth. It takes place on the 8th or 40th day of life.

For a kid with appointed godparents who take the responsibility to educate him in the spirit of orthodoxy.

Godfather can participate in the ceremony in absentia, his mother - only internally.

At the same time it should be ready to fulfill its obligations.

to godmother Requirements

a woman should start preparing in advance for the role of godmother. It should not only know the prayers, but to realize the full meaning of the sacrament of Baptism.
Godmother can be extremelyOrthodox woman living according to God's commandments. She needs to know such prayers as King Nebesnyy- Hail, raduysya- symbol Very- Our Father. It expresses the essence of the Christian faith.
Women should understand the entire allocated to ita responsibility. She should ask God for help in raising a child, to thank him for everything. Godmother should make every effort to ensure that the child grew up a believer.
The responsibilities include the provision of godmotherpossible assistance in the preparation for the sacrament of Baptism and the holiday table. It must undergo special interview before baptism and prepare gifts godson. Godparents must be purchased baptismal shirt, crucifix, a towel to wrap the baby in it after the ceremony, cap or scarf.

Duties of godmother on the Sacrament of Baptism

The primary duty during the godmotherBaptism - to pray for the child, so God granted him grace during the sacraments, to preserve the purity of his soul that the Lord gave wisdom to the cross and biological parents to raise the child in the right way.
During the Baptism of girls into the hands of godmotherit is transmitted after immersion in the font. In the case of the Baptism of the boy, everything happens on the contrary. The priest may ask for the cross to read the prayer "Creed." To make the child feel more confident in her hands, it is desirable to advance their knowledge and experience. It should be ready for the fact that the baby will have to change clothes, comfort as needed.

Duties of the cross after the Sacrament of Baptism

After Sacrament, as a rule, organizedfestive meal, called christenings. Birth parents with a young child can be difficult to prepare everything in a timely manner, so as to help care for the baby, participate in cooking is simply priceless. During the feast, the godmother can participate in the supply of treats on the table, take care of the guest, say the greeting speech to his godson and his parents. Following gatherings it helps to clear the table, puts the baby to bed.
In everyday life, godmother shouldtry as much as possible to pay attention to the comprehensive development of the child. You can lead him to classes at Sunday school, followed by a discussion of what he heard, attend services together, to go to the holy places, to celebrate birthdays and religious holidays. Responsibility for the godson godmother carries throughout his life.

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