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What should be a lady inside

Lady calm and confident

Lady - a woman who looks good, stylishly dressed, watching a beautifully says, differs correct posture and urbane.

But apart from the external features of the ladies, there are internal qualities, which she certainly should have.


True lady distinguished kindness. She is attentive to others, I think about the feelings of others. This woman never nakrichit will not quarrel over trifles. It will not be sarcastic and spoil someone mood. Next to a girl comfortable, nice to talk to her.
Lady will not get involved in any scheming andto gossip. Her eyes radiate warmth and kindness. A girl with all my heart seeks to please others. It is equally polite to everybody. True lady particularly kind to children and animals, she likes to take care of them.

Often these women are engaged in charity.


This lady tries to keep an optimisticattitude. She believes in a better and happy that she has. Lady will not complain, whine or criticize anyone. It is mostly in a good mood. If a woman is not in the spirit, it will not show it to others.
Lady is trying to control their negative emotions and breaks down on others. This is proving to be respectful and to themselves and to others.


Lady never doubted his ownappeal. She loves herself, and that she always looks good, is proof of that. This girl appreciates its own merits and is able to accept compliments properly. Such a woman will not be scared to make excuses in response to praise. It is with dignity and a smile will thank interlocutor.
Thanks to an adequate self-esteem lady is not afraid to be alone. She was not inclined to suffer from jealousy and suspicion harassing his partner.


Tantrums or stupid whims - it's not about the lady. She kept calm and dignity. This lady will not cheat yourself, tormented by doubts or worry on minor occasions.

Lady will not be in vain rush to panic and fuss. In her actions no nervousness, she ponders his actions.


This woman is smart and intelligent. It tends to get a good education or to improve their skills. This woman has a lively mind and is interested in what is happening around.
Lady does not stop at self-improvement. She realizes that she is not engaged in personal growth, not simply left in place in its development, but it takes a step back.
This girl is selective in his spare time. It will not be exchanged for low-grade reading and third-talk show. Lady prefers quality literature and intellectual cinema.
Superior quality Lady - that is what it isa. Her behavior and character - not the components of a crafted image. It's part of her personality, which shows the true beauty of her soul.

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