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What shot dead plucked chickens


Dreams, as if they were plausible, are not able to radically change the fate. To perceive them only as necessary signals, tips on which people can try their conduct.

Many believe such tips - so it seems much easier to interpret life events.

Dreamed chicken is associated with a woman. Dead chicken represents precisely the weaker sex, as well as the coming trouble. It is important to pay attention to with what is happening in a dream: to analyze the details, we can facilitate the interpretation.

What is dreamed of a dead chicken

In his dream to see the chicken - basically it foretellsvanity and household chores. If the dream of a dead chicken, expected immediate care, which seem very complex, impracticable. Dead plucked chicken or chickens - a warning of impending trouble that can happen in real life, the dream may be a warning, advice to pay most serious attention to home and family.
The dream may indicate that the relationship inthe family may be affected by the reluctance to give in, of intolerance. But in some circumstances, sleep a dead chicken serves as a harbinger of light, non-serious trouble, which are unworthy of experiences and excitement.
You can often hear the opinion that dreams are not signals from the future, on the contrary, it echoes of the past.

Moments that person is going through the day, can be reflected in a dream. They must be correctly decipher and try to compare with the reality, to determine the degree of threat.

What dreamed of a dead chicken, you canidentified by detail. If a man has killed himself in his sleep chicken - in his life he will reap trouble. To look at how the chicken, chickens kills someone else, it means that in real life are in trouble and intrigue about which nothing is yet known. Plucked chicken - did not meet the expectations of many works, perhaps, frustration, financial resources wasted.

How can we interpret the appearance of a dead sleep plucked chicken

Dead chicken can also indicate the presence ofthe envious man among very close friends, perhaps relatives. This can be attributed to the warning signs that indicate that we must pay very close attention to the circle of acquaintances.

Chicken is considered a symbol of money, and sleep with a dead bird - a harbinger of losing money, the revenue, financial problems, which cause trouble in the very near future.

People who had great confidence in the dream books,Interpretation of Dreams, it is better to try to stick to basic rules of conduct adopted in society. Do not provoke conflicts, or certain situations, to see if the predictions come true. It may be unnecessary load in terms of emotion.

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