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WHAT shorthand

Tutorial-tutorial How to learn to write quickly

Shorthand - a high-speed writing special characters. Knowing shorthand signs and the rules of their spelling, you can write 80-100 words per minute, that is, to write with speaking rate.

Who needs a shorthand? For students to studying at the institute, record lectures word for word.

Students for note-taking lectures. For teachers, journalists, lawyers, who are very much written, entrepreneurs, to write secret information about their work, the economic indicators.

Knowledge of shorthand facilitate study and work, save time, improve labor prizvoditelnosti.



Start studying shorthand with the alphabet. This will require 3-5 days. Then examine the spelling of vowels. And you have to master the shorthand of 50% and will write 2-3 times faster than write today. This requires 2 weeks.


Further study will be fused signs, signs for prefixes, root words, for words endings. After their study writing speed will increase by 3-5 times.


When you learn the rules and the reduction of wordsphrases, rules of writing aphorisms, proverbs and sayings you writing speed reaches 80-100 words per minute. Is it difficult to study shorthand? No, it is very easy. Compare for yourself. Rules of the road transport on the roads of Russia contains nearly 300 characters. We have these rules in the course of the study 30-40 days. Successfully we pass examinations and obtain a driver's license. Shorthand contains only 70 characters. So shorthand examine 4 times easier than traffic rules.

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