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WHAT is shorthand


Tutorial How to learn how to write quickly</a>

Shorthand is a high-speed letter with special signs. Knowing the verbatim signs and the rules of their spelling, you can write 80-100 words per minute, that is, write with the speed of speaking.

Who needs shorthand? It is necessary for schoolchildren to, when studying at the institute, to write down lectures word for word.

Students for lecture notes. We need teachers, journalists, lawyers who write a lot, entrepreneurs to write secret information about their work, economic indicators.

Knowledge of shorthand will facilitate study and work, save time, increase the productivity of labor.



Start learning shorthand from the alphabet. This will take 3-5 days. Then study the spelling of the vowels. And you already have a 50% mastery of shorthand and will write 2-3 times faster than you write now. This will take 2 weeks.


Next, you will study the merged signs, signs for consoles, the roots of words, for the endings of words. After their study, the writing speed will increase 3-5 times.


When you learn the rules for shortening words andPhrases, rules for writing aphorisms, proverbs and sayings, your writing speed will reach 80-100 words per minute. Is it difficult to learn shorthand? No, it's very easy. Compare yourself. The rules of road traffic on the roads of Russia contain almost 300 characters. We study these rules on courses for 30-40 days. We successfully pass the exams and get a driving license. The shorthand contains only 70 characters. So shorthand is 4 times easier to study than the Rules of the road.

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