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WHAT sharks attacking people and where they are found

What sharks attacking people and where they are found

Sharks - one of the largest and most powerful predatory fish in the world. Repeatedly, they were the heroes of documentary and feature films, books and news.

Unfortunately, sometimes people become objects of hunting.

The most dangerous sharks

The total number of species living in the waters of the Worldshark ocean is more than 400. Only 30 of them have ever attacked humans, and are considered to be particularly dangerous about 10 species. Most people become victims of white shark, tiger shark and bull shark, which is distinguished by an impressive size and enormous strength of the jaws.

Each year, there are nearly 100 cases of sharks attacking people, at least 20 of them are deadly.

White shark (Carcharodon carcharias) areleaders in the number of unprovoked attacks on humans, and they are responsible for 47% of attacks around the world. According to statistics International Shark Attack File (ISAF) for the period from 1580 to 2010. These predators have made 403 attacks, 65 of which were fatal.
white shark body length averages between 3up to 4.5 m., weight - up to 2 tons With silver-gray surface of the dorsal and lateral parts has a white bottom. The diet of these giants include marine mammals, often large, such as seals and porpoises. They mainly live in the ocean and open coastal waters.
Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) rank second in the number of attacks on people. According to ISAF over the past 430 years recorded 157 attacks, 27 of them fatal.
Representatives of this predatory species have an averagea length of about 5 m, the weight is 400-700 kg. The name of the tiger sharks received from the dark spots and stripes on the sides of passing that fade with time. They feed on fish, sea turtles, cetaceans, squid, crustaceans, sea birds. They are found in open ocean waters and off the coast at a depth.
Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) closes the top three most dangerous sharks. She has 59 unprovoked attacks and 25 deaths in the 4 century, according to ISAF.
Individuals of this species are not as big asprevious ones, but their sizes are also impressive. Body length - up to 3,5 m, weight - about 220 kg. The back and sides are gray, the lower portion white. Their production is mainly fish, crustaceans, sea turtles and squid. Bull shark prefers shallow water depths up to 30 m and is often found in muddy water. Some subspecies of bull sharks live in fresh water.

South American freshwater Lake Nicaragua is home to many kinds of animals-a bull shark.

Complement the list of sand tiger shark,blacktip shark, copper shark, shortfin gray shark. Some scientists believe that the cause of the attack is a mistaken identification when predators take people for their usual food, such as seals. Others believe that even shark bite unfamiliar objects to determine if they are edible or not.

Where live toothy predator

While all of these most dangerous species are found inthe majority of seas and oceans, there are several places where a regular occurrence tragic cases. Most often recorded shark attacks, when there is a large number of dangerous predators and the high concentration of people near their habitat. This is the US state of Florida, where year-round wishing to come to work out surfing and diving. There's biggest fixed rate of shark attacks, but most minor injuries.
It is also potentially dangerous: Hawaii, which is found about 40 species of sharks and among them tigrovaya- California, where 75% of the attacks makes white akula- South Carolina, but there is the bull shark and the tiger live not so close to the shore, as in North Floride- Karolina- Tehas- Pacific waters of Mexico.
In South America, insecure coast of Brazil. Becoming a victim of a shark can be in the Bahamas, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand. The place with the highest percentage of deaths is Australia.

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