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How do sharks attack people and where they are found


What sharks attack people and where they are found</a>

Sharks are one of the largest and strongest predatory fish in the world. Repeatedly they were heroes of documentary and feature films, books and news.

Unfortunately, sometimes people become their objects of hunting.

The most dangerous sharks

The total number of species inhabiting the waters of the WorldOf the ocean of sharks is more than 400. Only 30 of them have ever attacked people, and about 10 species are considered especially dangerous. More often than not, people become victims of the white shark, tiger sharks and bull sharks, which are distinguished by their impressive size and huge strength of the jaws.

Each year, about 100 cases of shark attacks per person are recorded, less than 20 of them are fatal.

White sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) areLeaders in the number of unprovoked attacks on people, and they are responsible for 47% of attacks around the world. According to the statistics of the International Shark Attack File (ISAF) for the period from 1580 to 2010. These predators committed 403 attacks, 65 of which were fatal.
The body length of white sharks averages from 3Up to 4.5 m, weight - up to 2 tons. With a silvery-gray color of the surface of the dorsal and lateral parts has a white lower. The diet of these giants includes marine mammals, often large, such as seals and porpoises. Basically, they live in oceanic open and coastal waters.
Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) rank second in the number of attacks on humans. According to the ISAF for the past 430 years, 157 attacks were recorded, 27 of them with a fatal outcome.
Representatives of this predatory species have an averageLength about 5 m, weight is 400-700 kg. The name of tiger sharks was obtained because of the dark spots and bands that pass along the sides, which eventually fade. They feed on fish, sea turtles, cetaceans, squid, crustaceans, seabirds. They are found in open ocean waters, and not far from the shore at depth.
The shark-bull (Carcharhinus leucas) closes the top three of the most dangerous sharks. On her account, 59 unprovoked attacks and 25 deaths in 4 centuries, according to ISAF.
Individuals of this species are not as large asPrevious, but their dimensions are also impressive. The body length is up to 3.5 m, weight is about 220 kg. The back and sides are gray, the lower part is white. Their prey is mainly fish, crustaceans, sea turtles and squid. The shark-bull prefers shallow water up to 30 m deep and is often found in muddy water. Some subspecies of the shark-bull live in fresh water bodies.

The freshwater South American lake of Nicaragua is home to many individuals of the shark bull type.

Add to the list of ordinary sand shark,Black shark, narrow-toothed shark, short-legged gray shark. Some scientists believe that the reason for the attack is an erroneous identification, when predators take people for their usual food, for example seals. Others believe that sharks bite even unfamiliar objects to determine whether they are edible or not.

Where do toothless predators live?

Although all these most dangerous species are found inMost of the seas and oceans, there are several places where tragic events occur regularly. The most common recorded attacks of sharks, when there is a large number of dangerous predators and a high concentration of people near their habitats. This is the American state of Florida, where year-round visitors come wishing to surf and dive. There, the highest frequency of shark attacks is recorded, but most injuries are minor.
Also potentially dangerous are: Hawaii, where there are about 40 species of sharks, and among them tiger - California, where 75% of the attacks are committed by a white shark - South Carolina, however there the shark-bull and tiger live not so close to shore as in Florida - North Carolina- Texas- Pacific waters of Mexico.
In South America, the coast of Brazil is not safe. You can become a victim of sharks in the Bahamas, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand. The place with the highest percentage of deaths is Australia.

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