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What shampoo helps against hair loss

Hair loss ... How to choose a shampoo?

In humans, 40-100 hair falls out daily.

This is a normal process. Therefore, before you do the hair treatment is objectively assess the situation.

If the problem really is the case, look for shampoos that will help get rid of hair loss.

Before choosing a suitable shampoo for hair loss, it is important to find out for yourself three important questions:
1; Cause Hair Loss?
2, What is your hair type?
3; if skin is sensitive to your head?
Find the answers to these questions will help experienced cosmetologist.

Effective shampoo from producer

It is better and safer to buy shampoo in specialized stores and pharmacies.

"Burdock" Shampoo against hair loss cosmetic factory "Elf" has long won the trust of the consumer market.
Burdock oil and extract of burdock root, whichIt is part of a shampoo, a positive effect on hair follicles and revitalize it. In addition, the shampoo "Burdock" inhibits the action of harmful substances, which damage the hair.
In the shampoo "Burdock" do not add benzene,sulfate and other harmful synthetics, which can adversely affect the hair growth. This is one of shampoos, which in a short time gives a positive result.

Homemade Shampoos

No less a quality shampoo against hair lossHair can be made at home. The advantage is that the whole procedure is under control. The disadvantage is the time spent on its preparation. And before you cook it, you must know how to do it.
Herbal Shampoo is made of flowerscalendula, birch leaves and hop cones. They must take one full tablespoon, mix and pour one cup of hot light beer. Within an hour, let it brew, strain. Ready shampoo slightly warmed, to the hair, after ten minutes rinse thoroughly with his head.
From fresh bread can be made of rye shampoo. A piece of bread mash with hot water, mix until mushy state, to the hair. Fifteen minutes later, the hair rinsed with water.
Egg shampoo to make oil-basedtake one teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of castor oil, one egg yolk of fresh chicken eggs. All carefully mixed and applied to the hair. Shampoo is massaged into the scalp and through the hair and then rinsed off with plenty of warm water.
Homemade shampoos are more effective and produce better results. But once again I want to remind you that before you use them, you need to identify the root cause of hair loss.

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