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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe - is not just a world-famous actress and singer. The name of this woman is admirable, it is considered a "style icon".

In the world of fashion and beauty, this character is a legend.

At Marilyn tried and are trying to be like millions of the fair sex from around the world.

A little history

Real name of Marilyn Monroe - Norma JeanMortensen. Childhood girls took place in difficult conditions. Her upbringing was engaged in several foster families. Married Marilyn left in 16 years. Her career has developed remarkably rapidly. At first, she worked at an aircraft factory and seemingly cinema world was not interested. By coincidence fortunate circumstances, she was invited to shoot in one of the famous magazines. Almost immediately after the publication in the light of a young model, many interested photographers.

Marilyn Monroe is often joked, saying that she "had been born a rabbit." About love to the carrots actress knew her surroundings.

The first film role was also accidental. However, in a short period of time to the real Marilyn Monroe's popularity comes and it becomes a world-famous actress. The main secret of Marilyn considered her appearance. This image was recognized as the standard of beauty, and an example to follow in 1950.

Parameters Marilyn Monroe

Outside of Marilyn Monroe, her demeanor andcommunication - all the result of daily work most actresses, photographers and filmmakers. Holder of blond hair she became 17 years old. It is thanks to Marilyn came the famous phrase, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

The press has repeatedly appeared rumors about Marilyn Monroe affair with US President John F. Kennedy, and then with his brother Robert.

In the modern world it is considered fashionable to haveslim and even thin body. In the 50s standards of beauty were different. Growth of Marilyn Monroe, for example, was only 162 cm and weight at the same time reaching 56-57 kg. External fragility and lightness complements ideal body parameters -. 92-60-92 cm, however, like all women, the actress changed periodically. For example, shortly before his death, her proportions were 96-57-96 cm.
Changes easily traced from the photo, but despitesuch changes, Monroe figure always looked perfect. Lush form wonderfully combined with a very thin waist and shapely legs. How the actress managed to maintain the same volume of the hips and breasts, it remains a mystery to this day.
Save the figure of Marilyn was prettyjust. Some sources say that the actress has never adhered to strict diets and did not attend gyms. The key to its beauty is a morning exercise and regular body care, skin and hair. The actress never limit yourself to food, and most of all she loved meat dishes and popsicles.

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