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WHAT sea wash Italy

Map of Italy

Italy - beautiful Mediterranean country, which is considered one of the most popular and most visited in the world.

The country gave the world a lot of talented architects, sculptors, singers, artists and scientists.

It is the ancient country in the Apennine andBalkan Peninsula and occupies the island of Sardinia and Sicily. Eternal Rome, unique in Venice, romantic Verona, the bustling Naples and other Italian cities attract thousands of tourists each year. The Italian cuisine a lot of followers and admirers of her works of talented workers of culture and art had a tremendous impact on the cultural development of the West European countries and Russia.

Which sea wash Italy

Peninsula in the form of women's boots with a heelwashed by five seas that much a lot for such a small country. This is the Ligurian Sea in the west, the Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Mediterranean - in the south Adriatic - in the east. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. All of these belong to the sea of ​​the Mediterranean Sea.

Italy is washed by five seas: the Ligurian, Ionian, Adriatic, the Mediterranean, the Tyrrhenian.

Features sea Italy

The coast of the Ligurian Sea, mostlyrocky, sandy beaches are rare. There are no massive resorts like Rimini, cozy local resorts are designed for individual travelers and dive enthusiasts. The waters of the Ligurian Sea cleaner compared to other seas of Italy.

Adriatic Sea - a popular resort,such as Rimini, Richchine, with very well-developed infrastructure. There are plenty of hotels of different levels, all kinds of stores and shops, entertainment venues. Adriatic Coast boasts long beaches with fine sand. Another advantage is the convenient sloping entrance to the sea, which makes local resorts comfortable for all types of travelers.

Coast Sea resorts have developed of hotel base and infrastructure.

Tyrrhenian Sea, located on thewest of the country, recognized as one of the most beautiful in Italy. Like the coast of the Ligurian Sea, the local beaches are rocky, but the strong tide / low tide and winds are also not observed. The most popular beach in the region of Sorrento attracts tourists line the beautiful terrain, favorable climate, comfortable hotels and infrastructure.

Ionian Sea is chosen by at leasttourists, but no less spectacular. Resorts here are not as noisy as on the coasts of other seas, but it's not all the tourists prefer to rest and noisy room fun. Clean air, picturesque landscapes, crystal clear waters and clean beaches awarded the Blue Flag, ideal for those who appreciate a relaxing holiday. Hotels are much cheaper because of the absence of such popularity as in the resorts of the Adriatic, but the high point of the region has come.

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