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WHAT assembly foam scrub with a corrugated surface

The scrub foam core with a corrugated surface

Polyurethane foam is a sealant which is often used as an adhesive.

Quite often, in the course of construction and repair work, he gets on the grooved surface, which is quite difficult to clean without damaging.

Working with a sealant, it is necessary to monitor its careful application. However, if he still got on the surface, which was also grooved, then it is necessary to scrub it as quickly as possible.

The scrub fresh assembly foam?

If the foam has not had time to harden, thenthen you can remove it with the help of special equipment that the sellers offer to acquire, together with sealants. The means necessary to put on a cotton cloth, and then use it carefully handled grooved surface. We must see to it that with her was not only completely erased foam, but the yellow plaque, which is always on the sealant. If this is not done, then it will be extremely difficult to remove.

Please use the usual means for washing of glasses. It effectively removes fresh foam core with a corrugated surface. Put it in a small amount and then wait for a few minutes. Then wipe the surface dry with a cotton cloth. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Do not push hard on the corrugated surface to prevent its damage.

How to remove the dried assembly foam?

Dried foam removed is extremely problematic. Therefore, there need a solvent of acetone. It is applied in small quantities on a corrugated surface. Retained for 1-2 minutes. The surface is then wiped with a damp cloth, and then taken a sponge, is lowered into a soap solution and it is carefully processed once the place where the foam was present. Such an approach would scrub it completely.
Remove the dried foam with a solutionsalt. Take a bowl and fill it with 500 ml of water. Then, add to 50 grams of salt and mix all thoroughly. Ready solution is put on a sponge and treat them all the grooved surface. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then take a sponge and rinse with softened foam. Then carefully ototrite its remaining pieces of the sealant.
Please use the usual vegetable oil. It needs to be a little warm up, and then put on the grooved surface for 5-10 minutes. Then brush thoroughly clean off softened assembly foam. Take a sponge and soap composition, pay using their foam particles that remain in tight spaces. After the surface is completely emptied, it is required to wash with pure water.

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