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Sconce attached to a vertical surface

Bra - one of the types of fixtures.

It differs in that it is mounted on a vertical surface.

The style and design of lamps are not inferior to chandeliers.

These lamps are used as an additional or independent light source in the room.

For the illumination of rooms used variouslamps. They can be ceiling (chandeliers), mobile (floor lamps or table lamps), and can be attached to the wall. The last ones are called sconces.

A little history

Since ancient times, people have cared about thatat nightfall in the house it was light. Many centuries ago, a huge castle halls lit by torches, which are inserted into a special wall brackets. Very often, these stand for torches were made of bronze or another metal in the form of a human hand. Perhaps, hence the name "bra", because this word in the Russian language came from French, where "bras are" means "hand".
From ages 17-18 in the palaces and wealthy homes activelyused wall-sconce candle holders. Supplemented mirrors, they did a pretty bright lighting. With the advent of electric lamps firmly entered the life of people.

A variety of bras

When the room requires maximum light sconces can complement the chandelier. In this case, the light is shed from above and from the walls.
Interesting is also another option, when the sconceused as a point light source. This creates a particularly cozy atmosphere with soft, unobtrusive lighting. Bra is convenient to hang above the bed or in a corner where there is a chair in which the apartment owners like to read.
Today, a huge shopping offerselection of bras. A variety of shapes, styles and colors surprise. It may be expensive items with crystal pendants, lamps and concise, and the author's works, and economical options.
When choosing a bra is important to take into account the specifics ofthe room where you plan to place the lamp. If the room already have a chandelier, the bra should fit in style. It is better to buy a chandelier and sconces in the set.
For a child's room, you can choose a bra infunny figures that resemble toys. The bedroom will look good paired lamps quiet design. The living room can be several sconces, all depends on the size of the room and the need to highlight some places. Do not interfere, and a lamp in the hallway.
There are also special bra for pictures. If there is a product in which the owners want to focus, it makes sense to use a special light.
Sconces can be found in almost every apartment. This type of lamp is also useful in that it can be easily mounted on vertical surfaces. And not necessarily on the wall sconces can be strengthened on the mirror or on the wall of the cabinet. It all depends on the taste of the owners, and from where you need an additional light source.

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