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WHAT scarification

What is scarification

Currently, there are people who want all the forces to stand out from the crowd, especially with respect to young people.

Someone is trying to do this with the help of a superior style of clothing, the other - the body is covered with tattoos, others resort to such radical methods as scarification.

According to doctors, scarification can be attributed to one of the most dangerous and painful kinds of drawing on the human body.
Initially, people were trying to hide the traces ofscratches, cuts or deeper injuries as an extraordinary way. However, the craze among today's youth became more widespread, so boys and girls began to equate "decorative scars" to ordinary tattoos.
Now some beauty salons offering services in drawing of convex, concave or raised scars on any part of the body. Most of these patterns adorn the wrists, back and ankles.

Methods of application of art scars

Several methods are applied to the bodyart scars. In one case, the cuts are made perpendicular to the skin. This trail is very shallow, and after healing produced a faint scar that after 2-5 years is completely absorbed.
In the second case, the master does a deep scar underScalpel assistance. To figure was more a relief, it makes cuts at different angles. This scar is more visible, in some cases, it remains for life.
Another type of scarring is called skinning. When this skin is cut with a thick layer, and the pattern looks concave. Furthermore, the concave can leave scars using burning. First applied to the body desired pattern, then its contours encircled with a special mixture, which then ignited.

Another method of applying scars, familiar to manyfor historical films and books - kleymirovanie. In the Middle Ages it was used to mark cattle. Now this method have adopted for applying artistic salons scars.
Laser and chemical scarification can rightly be called the most modern methods of application of scars on the body. The first method uses a laser, and the second - nitrogen or other chemical compounds.
All these types of scarring are held underclose supervision of a specialist, but still many people prefer to carry out the procedure at home, neglecting all sorts of safety regulations.

The dangerous scarification?

Scarification - it is a dangerous kind of changes your body. In the first place, no one can give guarantee that the figure will look beautiful.
Secondly, all of the skin regeneration process occurs differently. In some cases, scars simply dissolve. In addition, the very high risk of infection and blood poisoning.

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