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What do the veins on the forehead and headache say


What do the veins on the forehead and headache say</a>

It does not matter if a person lives in a large metropolis orIn a small town, he is still very often subjected to various stresses, and the ecology leaves much to be desired, so sometimes he suffers from a headache that can be accompanied by a protruding vein on his forehead.

What do the veins on the forehead and the headache mean?

As a result of any experienced stress in humansBlood pressure rises, and the veins on the forehead act from this. Esoi like this condition is accompanied by a headache, so intracranial pressure also increased. Vessels simply can not provide the body with nutrients and oxygen.

Headache is a sign of a diseaseVessels. You do not need to endure it. It is best to try not only to eliminate the headache itself, but also to undergo a complete examination with specialists and to treat the circulatory system.

The causes of severe pain in the head can be the following: vascular dystonia, thyroid disease, kidney, heart, arterial hypertension.

The overwhelming and emotional state of a person also has a huge influence.

If your veins become pulsating, and in the templesThere is a sharp pain, you must always comply with bed rest and drink medication, having measured your blood pressure (most likely, it will be increased). If you do not want to risk your health, it is better to call an ambulance and diagnose for an accurate diagnosis of the disease.

Some people often have problems withVisible veins, including strongly protruding on the forehead. This is due to the reduction of collagen, the skin ages, so it is often possible to observe in the elderly the protruding veins. Unfortunately, this process is not reversible, you can get rid of it only with the help of cosmetic newest techniques. And, alas, only surgery under local anesthesia can help you. The convex vein is removed using two incisions.

Folk methods of treating headaches and protruding veins

There are cases when an ambulance is awayGet when the patient, for example, is far from the settlement (after all, something can happen even while relaxing in nature). In such situations, you, of course, will help the people's means.

Mix the grass juice of a scallop or cowweed leavesWith vegetable oil and rub in the sore area of ​​the head. Tea with mint or melissa is also suitable. Ginger, Ivan-tea, St. John's wort - all these herbs and roots, can shortly get rid of painful pains.

If the pain is not too sharp, you willWalks in the fresh air, compresses from cabbage or grape leaves, massage and lime tea. It is important not to abuse folk remedies, but treat the disease under the supervision of specialists. Also remember that if a headache torments a newborn baby, self-medication should not be done in any case.

In order not to risk your health, tryA lot of rest, sleep, avoid stress and get treatment and prevent diseases in a timely manner. Only in this way, you can get rid of the headache and the accompanying vein on the forehead.

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