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HowYour disappearing languages ​​saves Google


What endangered languages ​​Google saves</a>

According to linguists, in a hundred years more than half of the 7,000 languages ​​that exist on our planet will disappear.

Google has offered its Endangered Languages ​​project for the preservation of rare languages.

Google introduced an internationalAn interactive Internet project whose goal is to save endangered languages. The project is implemented on the site endangeredlanguages.com, presented in various languages, including Russian. Now this Internet resource contains materials on 3054 vanishing languages, and the list continues to be replenished.

The project site has an interactive map,Which you can see the place of residence of the bearers of a rare language. Languages ​​are represented by multi-colored circles. Red means languages ​​in grave danger, orange - languages ​​under threat of extinction, green - rare with a consistently small number of carriers, gray - languages, the state of which is currently unknown. The site provides a description of each, information on the prevalence, as well as audio and video recording of speech of language media.

In the number of languages ​​stored by Google,First of all, the languages ​​of small nations all over the world. In the era of advancing globalization, it is increasingly difficult for small ethnic communities to maintain their language and culture. Small nations are forced to assimilate, dissolving in a larger ethnic group and losing their cultural and linguistic uniqueness.

On the territory of North America under the protection of the projectEndangered Languages ​​fell the languages ​​of Native American tribes in Canada, Mexico and the United States. In Australia, the number of endangered people fell to the languages ​​of Australian Aborigines, and in New Zealand - the language of the Maori people. Among Google's languages ​​that are being rescued by Google, there are a lot of such languages ​​whose native languages ​​reside on the territory of Russia: the Vaht language, Khanty, Mansi, Komi-Permyak, West-Mari, East-Mari, Udmurt, Nenets, Altaic, several Sami dialects and many others.

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