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What sanctions follow driving without a license

What sanctions follow driving without a license

For driving without a license shall be established by the legislation in force the sanctions to a fine.

Under certain circumstances, as an alternative punishment may make administrative arrest or community service.

Driving without a license is an administrativeoffense, the responsibility for which is provided by Article 12.7 of the RF Code of Administrative Offences. It should be noted that the offense has a high degree of public danger, such as a driver can cause harm to health and property of other road users. That is why the main type of liability is a substantial fine, the amount of which varies from five to fifteen thousand rubles. Such a punishment would follow only if the person simply drives a vehicle without a driver's license, which he had not previously.

Why set a higher level of responsibility?

Stricter sanctions are expected in the driverIf he is driving without a license, which was previously deprived. As a rule, the deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle is carried out as a result of the commission of serious violations. Consequently, attempts to further driving without a corresponding law are more serious offense, likelihood of anyone harm such a person increases many times. That is why for such drivers liability increased to a fine of thirty thousand rubles without any options to reduce it. In addition, as alternative forms of punishment in the case of administrative arrest can be used, the duration of which can be up to fifteen days. Finally, as a third possible alternative to the administrative authority may impose a sanction in the form of compulsory work, the term of which will be set in the range of 100-200 hours.

Who else can be held responsible for the violation?

Contrary to popular belief, for driving withoutliability rules may suffer not only the driver but also the person who gave him control of the vehicle, knowing that it has no corresponding law. Regardless of the reasons why there is no driver's license (deprivation of rights management or the mere absence of a document), has transferred control of the vehicle is subjected to face administrative punishment in the form of penalties in a fixed amount (30,000 rubles). The relevant rules of administrative law specifically stated that these measures of liability do not apply to cases of driving lessons.

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