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WHAT is saline solution


What is saline solution</a>

Fizrazvor - an aqueous solution of sodium chloride.

It helps to treat intoxication and dehydration of the body.

It is indispensable for washing contact lenses and conducting emergency resuscitation.

Fizraskvor - isotonic solution, widelyUsed in medicine for inhalation, dilution of other drugs for injections and other. The lack of sodium chloride in the body is fraught with unpleasant consequences. The solution is easy to prepare and at home.

The composition and process of obtaining the funds

The saline solution is 0.9% aqueousSolution of sodium chloride (NaCl). Several different types of salts are used for its preparation. In this case, each subsequent is introduced only with complete dissolution of the previous one. To avoid precipitation, carbon dioxide is passed through sodium bicarbonate. The last ingredient added to the composition is glucose - it is injected just before the application. To prepare an isotonic solution, use only distilled water. All processes for mixing salts are carried out using glass containers, as in numerous studies it has been revealed that metals adversely affect the vital activity of tissues.

Application area

The solution is very widely used inMedical purposes as a detoxification drug - a drug that helps to correct the body's state during dehydration. With the help of saline solution, other medicines are bred, and although it can not be used as a blood substitute, it would be impossible to carry out emergency resuscitation without it. The solution is indispensable for washing contact lenses. Using it as a lotion promotes a better allocation of purulent contents and disinfection.
In the body, sodium chloride is primarilyIs contained in the blood plasma, some of it contains intercellular fluid. It is this substance that is responsible for the pressure of the plasma and the fluid surrounding the cells. As a rule, the required amount of sodium chloride enters the body together with food. Less often there is a lack of it on the background of indomitable vomiting or diarrhea, extensive burns, hypofunction of the adrenal cortex and other pathologies. Reducing the concentration of sodium chloride leads to a thickening of the blood, and this creates the prerequisites for the development of various ailments. With a long deficit in muscles, spasm develops, skeletal muscles begin to convulsively contract, there is a malfunction in the work of all organs and systems, primarily nervous and cardiovascular.
Thus, we can conclude that the role ofPhysiological salinity in a person's life is simply enormous. It has practically no contraindications, with caution it is used for serious violations of kidney function and problems with arterial pressure.

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