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WHAT saint to pray to find a job

To which saint to pray to find a job

Problems with work in humans are caused by differentreasons - someone can not get a decent place, someone is unhappy with his current position or salary, and someone even sees himself in a different direction, but can not leave the old job, fearing left without money.

In such cases, you can turn to the holy, to help in this difficult case.

To pray

In general, people turn in their prayers toGod, however, there are saints who can help find a job and stay on it. So, you can pray to the icon of the Mother of God icon "Quick to Hearken" and the icon of the Nine Martyrs Cyzicus. They help in finding a job, the apostle Paul, Nicholas, a saint and martyr Trifon Xenia of Saint Petersburg. The main condition is the sincere prayer asking for, which can also seek help from their heavenly patron or patroness.

It is advisable to pray about finding a job in the church, but the Lord will hear and praying at home - most importantly, that desire comes from the heart.

No need to ask God for a cool working with largesalary - should be asked about the positions that best suit asking for and will be a boon for him. The ability to formulate queries is by reference to the higher powers is extremely important - because people often do not know what they want, so their prayers go unanswered. After the failure of the Lord is trying to teach people to understand their needs and trust it - because no one is given by the test is not valid, and trust in God has always come out on the right road.

Prayers for finding a job

You can pray in your own words how andspecial prayers. For example, to find a job to help the following prayer: "O Lord! Give me your favorite job. Give me a job where I could realize all the talents and abilities that you have given me. That will bring me joy, and I could bring a lot of benefits to people in exchange for fair remuneration. "

be sure to read the "Our Father" and the sign of the cross three times before reading each prayer.

To achieve success in business and improvingachievements in the field found work, you need to read this prayer: "O Lord! In the name of Jesus Christ I pray thee about the success in all the work of my hands, if it be Thy will. Give me a success, help me to work so that the fruits of this work would bring. Give me understanding, that like I need to do. "
To the Lord heard the request beforea new job and the duties of the crime, it is necessary to say the following small prayer-blessing: "Bless me, Lord, and help me, a sinner, to make starting a business for the glory of Thy me." You can then proceed with peace of mind to business - God will look after their successful implementation.

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