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Which Russian dating sites exist

Which Russian dating sites exist

Dating sites are a popular way to search friends, or the second half in the Internet.

The most popular resources allow us to find interlocutors across Russia, and created on the site tool gives you the opportunity to chat as pleasant and efficient.


In the ranking of "Yandex" site ranked first in attendance.

Mamba is one of the first resources,appeared on the Russian Internet. To date, the site has about 23 million registered users, of which profiles were created more than 15 countries. The resource has a user-friendly system of registration and search profiles. The Mamba interface includes additional applications. On the resource it is possible to create your own ads, carry out registration with the help of social networks and purchase additional services, such as placing the questionnaire on the main page.

Love Planet

Love Planet - widely advertised resource,which is one of the most famous in Russia. The site offers free registration, search engine convenient interlocutors. Implement communication is possible and with the help of a special application available for mobile phones on Android and Google Play. As in the case of the Mamba, on your own you can use paid services in order to raise the popularity of your profile and activate additional features.


On Dating site, there are about 2.5 million profiles thatIt makes this site one of the most popular on the Russian Internet. A feature of the resource is its easy interface and easy functionality. The number of parameters for the search is not so large as to Love Planet, but this makes the site and easy to use. Dating is positioned as a resource for finding a serious relationship and future marriage. The project is available in versions for mobile phones.

Other dating sites

Other popular resources can be noted 24open, MyLove and Love.rambler.ru. Sites provide similar functionality to the above sites, but have a smaller audience in RuNet.

Love project from the creators of Mail.ru also able to offer its users many opportunities to explore. The site features a large number of tools, some of which is paid. Using the user-friendly resource due to its binding to the existing account at Mail.ru. Search is also convenient because it is implemented on a separate circuit developed in close conjunction with the search system Mail.ru.
Among different from other dating sitesstands Rudate.ru, where there is a possibility to get acquainted with foreigners and make a new friend abroad. In this case all the information given on the website is only available in a foreign internet.

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