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What rules of conduct exist in the theater

What rules of conduct exist in the theater

Someone might say that the theater is going through a period of decline who declares that it is not.

But now many have forgotten the rules of behavior in the theater, but the observance of the main ones is welcomed by society.

Before the performance

First you need to mention the appearance. No one is forcing you to buy expensive jewelry, evening dresses, written to the hairdresser before a visit to the theater, as it was in the nineteenth century. It is enough that the clothes you will be clean and tidy. However, it is best to eliminate from their theatrical wardrobe jeans and sportswear. Men should be fine regular pants, a shirt with a sweater or jacket. Women can wear suits, not striking dresses, skirts and blouses. In the winter, spring and autumn, it is recommended to take with a removable shoes.

Visit institutions such as opera or ballet, yet provides clothing austere style - dresses, jackets (tuxedo) and decorations.

Be late to the theater is not recommended. If you know in advance that your route passes through the tubes, it is necessary to podgadat time. Often, by the rules of the theater, the audience latecomers may not be allowed to play. In extreme cases, be offered a place at the entrance to the hall.
Run the hall started after the opening bell,served for fifteen minutes before the start of the action. If your seats are in the middle, it is best to go in advance, so as not to disturb the people sitting close to the aisles.
Before the performance, turn off your mobilephone, it will remind the speaker's voice in a small appeal to the audience before the performance. If you are afraid to miss some important message or a call, leave the device on silent mode.

Do not bring food and carbonatedbeverages. As a mobile phone sound, all other sounds will be irritate viewers, as well as interfere with the work of the actors. Presence of a small bottle of water without gas.


Intermission - is a break between the action of the play,As a rule, it can be one or two. The duration of the break is about fifteen minutes, accurate information can be obtained from the ticket collector, located at the entrance to the hall. During the break, you can share your impressions, visit the snack bar or head to the bathroom. Do not lean on alcoholic drinks during the break.
Start of the second act will be notified the same three calls, as well as to the first. Take your place in the hall and make sure no sound on the mobile device.

End play

After the performance the artists go onbow. If the statement has caused you jubilation, then express it made cries of "Bravo!", The highest score you can express by standing up from his seat and support the actors standing bow.

While bowing actors not to shout "well done" and take pictures of participants of the performance.

Each theater has book reviews, which, asusually located either at the input or at the ushers. In it you can leave all your thoughts about what he saw. Be calm, actors from time to time look into it.
Leaving the auditorium should be after the curtain has closed. Get up and go on the bow is considered bad manners and disrespect for the employees of the theater, this behavior is unacceptable.

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