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How are the rules of behavior exist in the theater


Someone will say that the theater is now going through a period of decline, who will say that this is not so.

But now many have already forgotten the rules of conduct in the theater, but compliance with the main of them is welcomed by society.

Before the performance

First, you need to mention the appearance. Nobody makes you buy expensive jewelry, evening toilets, sign up for a hairdresser before attending the theater, as it was in the nineteenth century. Sufficient and that the clothes on you will be clean and tidy. However, it is best to exclude jeans and sportswear from your theater wardrobe. For men the usual trousers, a shirt with a sweater or a jacket are quite suitable. Women can wear costumes, discreet dresses, skirts and blouses. In winter, spring and autumn it is recommended to take with you a change of shoes.

Visiting institutions such as opera or ballet, nevertheless provides for a strict style of clothing - dresses, jackets (tuxedos) and ornaments.

Late for the theater is not recommended. If you know in advance that your route passes through traffic jams, then you need to guess the time. Often, according to the rules of the theater, late spectators may not be allowed to play. In extreme cases, they will offer seats at the entrance to the hall.
Start in the hall begin after the first bell,Which is served fifteen minutes before the start of the action. If your seats are in the middle, it's best to pass in advance, so as not to interfere with people sitting closer to the aisles.
Before the show starts, turn off your mobile phonePhone, this will remind you of the voice of the announcer in a small address to the audience before the performance. If you are afraid of missing some important message or call, leave the unit in silent mode.

Do not bring food, but also carbonatedbeverages. Like the sound of a mobile phone, any extraneous sounds will irritate viewers, as well as interfere with the work of actors. A small bottle of water is allowed without gas.


The intermission is a break between the performances of the play,As a rule, it can be one or two. The duration of the break is about fifteen minutes, the exact information can be obtained from the ticket attendant at the entrance to the hall. During the break you can share your impressions, visit a buffet or go to the toilet. It is not recommended to lean on alcohol during a break.
The beginning of the second action will be notified by the same three calls as before the first one. Take your place in the hall and make sure there is no sound on the mobile device.

End of the play

After the end of the performance, artists enter thebow. If the performance provoked a storm of enthusiasm, then it was accepted by the exclamations "Bravo!", The greatest appreciation you can express by getting up from your seat and accompanying the bow of the actors standing.

During the bow of the actors, it is not customary to shout "good fellows", and also to photograph the participants in the performance.

In every theater there is a book of reviews, which, likeRule, is either at the entrance, or at the ticket office. In it you can leave any thoughts about what you saw. Be calm, actors from time to time look into it.
Leave the auditorium after the curtain has already closed. To rise and leave on a bow is considered a bad form and disrespect for theater workers, this behavior is unacceptable.

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