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What is the RTS index

Stock RTS (RTS Index) - a key indicator of the state of the Russian stock market.

It is calculated on the basis of a set of indicators of the securities since 1995 and started with a target of 100 points.

The essence of the RTS index

The basis for calculating the RTS index are shares 50the most liquid issuers related to key sectors of the Russian economy. The largest share belongs to oil and gas companies. Among them, for example, the "Savings Bank", "Gazprom", "Lukoil", "Rosneft", "Norilsk Nickel", "Surgutneftegas", "RusHydro", "Uralkali". The list and the proportion in the calculation of the index is reviewed on a quarterly basis. This is done in order to adequately reflect the structure of the Russian economy.
The RTS index is defined as the totalMarket capitalization of shares / total market capitalization on the start date * index on the start date * correction factor. Thus, the change in value of the shares of public companies in proportion to the impact on the value of the index.
The calculation of the RTS Index is carried out at points in dollar terms. Capitalization is determined based on the value of shares and the number of shares issued based on the proportion of shares in free float.
Historic least RTS was established at 37.74 points in 1998. The maximum value of the RTS index reached in mid-2008, when it amounted to 2400, relative to 1995 it grew by 24 times. In 2013, the maximum amounted to 1638.08 points. Recalculation of the RTS index on a daily basis, for each trading session. The first value of the index is called the value of the discovery, the last - the closing value.

Differences between the RTS and the MICEX index

Another important index is the Russian MICEX. It is calculated since 1997 and is a market capitalization-weighted index of the most liquid shares of issuers that are traded on the MICEX. The MICEX Index is considered on the shares of 30 companies. Thus, the RTS covers a wider market.
After the two Russian exchanges RTS and MICEXunited, RTS is one of the main and the Moscow Stock Exchange. MICEX index difference is that it is calculated in rubles. While the depreciation of the Russian currency and the growth of the dollar RTS index is more convenient.

Sectoral RTS

The number of Russian stock indexes are constantlyIt increased, largely due to the emergence of new sectoral indices. For example, today the oil and gas index was calculated (RTSog), telecommunications (RTStl), metallurgical (RTSmm), industrial (RTSin), consumer (RTScr), electricity (RTSeu), financial (RTSfn) sectors. In this index, investors can assess the condition of individual economic segments.
Also indexes are calculated, including sharessrednekapitalizirovannyh companies (RTS2) - RTS Standard Index (RTSSTD), covering the 15 blue chips and is the basis for futures FORTS- Volatility Index (RTSVX) - Regional RTS Siberia (RTSSIB).

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