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What rights do student

What rights do student

School - a second home for the child. While in school, the child takes on the role of the adult.

He has certain rights and responsibilities that he must abide by being here.

But at times the student does not know what he is supposed to, and therefore does not notice that sometimes his rights have been violated.


Everyone has the right to education - as it is writtenin the Constitution, there is set out that the school free education. But here it is worth to clarify - this is just about the public schools. Of course, if the child is studying in a private school, it is necessary to pay for their education. However, learning in a regular, municipal, school, student I am not obliged to hand over the money for anything. Parts for parent-teacher conferences are requests from teachers and administrators to hand over the money to the school fund, to repair or purchase of new machinery and equipment. We must remember that this is not necessary: ​​to take or not take - to decide only the student and his parents.

Additional classes

This item concerns the various electives,which can be added to the curriculum. Each school is a specific curriculum for each class: it all items are detailed, which should take place this year, and the number of hours allocated to these items. If the administration has decided to introduce any elective - is the right school, but walking on it or not - decides to student, as these classes are voluntary.


The law "On education", namely Article 50,states that forced labor is prohibited students. That is, the student has the right not to agree to perform any gainful employment. No one in the administration has no right to force the students, for example, take a rake and go on Saturday. In this agreement it should be obtained not only the students but also their parents. Of course, often the school is really need extra help, but then the administration should simply ask, and in any case not to command.


It is not uncommon that the teacher will not let mestudent in the class, and it can substantiate a different reasons: firstly, it may be late, and secondly, incorrect appearance. But nowhere is the right teacher stated as not to allow the student to class. It is his duty to direct the work, for which he receives a salary. Even if the student is late, go to class, he has the right, but the teacher can punish him: usually the penalties specified in the charter school - leaving the student after school, etc. When the student is faced with such a problem, he should say so school administration.. If the problem is not solved after that, he has the right to appeal to the higher authority - Board of Education, which will be engaged in this matter in detail.
Education at school lays the basic consciousnessstudents. This applies to both the spiritual and moral values, and, of course, knowledge. But cases of unfair treatment of teachers and school administrators to students - not just a rumor. Therefore, we must know their rights and defend them if necessary.

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