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How is the student's rights?


What rights does the student have?</a>

The school is the second home for the child. While in school, the child assumes the role of an adult.

He has certain rights and duties that he must observe while being here.

But at times the student does not know what exactly he is supposed to, and therefore does not notice that sometimes his rights are violated.


Everyone has the right to education - so it is writtenIn the Constitution, there it is stated that school education is free. But there it is necessary to specify at once - it is only about public schools. Naturally, if a child studies in a private school, he must pay for his education. But, when studying in a regular, municipal, school, the student is not obliged to turn in money for anything. Frequent in parent meetings are the requests of teachers and administrators to donate money to the school fund, to repair or purchase new equipment and equipment. It must be remembered that this is not obligatory: the student himself and his parents decide whether to surrender or not to surrender.

Additional lessons

This clause refers to various electives,Which can be added to the curriculum. Each school makes a specific curriculum for each class: it details all the items that must be completed this year, and the number of hours that are allocated to these subjects. If the administration has decided to introduce any elective - it is the right of the school, but to go to it or not - the student decides, since these classes are voluntary.


The Law "On Education", namely Article 50,States that forced labor of students is prohibited. That is, the student has the right not to agree to perform any work activity. None of the administration has the right to force students, for example, to take a rake and go on a subbotnik. This should be obtained not only from the students, but also from their parents. Of course, often the school really needs emergency help, but then the administration should simply ask, and in no case order.


It is very common that the teacher does not allowStudent in the class, and he can argue this for different reasons: first, it may be late, and secondly, an incorrect appearance. But nowhere is this the right of the teacher, how not to let the student to the lesson. This is his direct duty, work for which he receives a salary. Even if the student is late, he has the right to enter the classroom, but the teacher can punish him: usually the penalties are specified in the school's statute - leaving the student after lessons, etc. When a student encounters such a problem, he must inform the school administration about it. If the problem is not resolved after that, he has the right to apply to the higher authority - the education committee, where this case will be dealt with in detail.
Education in school lays the basic consciousnessIn the students. This applies to both spiritual and moral values, and, of course, knowledge. But the cases of unfair attitude of teachers and school administration to students are not just a rumor. Therefore, you need to know your rights and defend them when necessary.

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