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WHAT riff

What is the guitar riff

Aesthetics rock consists not only of a certain image, but also from a number of different guitar riffs that glorified not a guitarist.

So it includes the concept of "riff", what are the types and methods of extraction of the guitar?

All about riffs

Riff - is constantly repeating, shorta piece of music, which can be either the entry or any other element in the song. Guitar riffs are used as accompaniment, climax, ending, and so on. The blues and rock music riffs played rhythm guitar in lower case - namely, on the lower strings.

Some guitar riffs have become so recognizable that it learn the whole song iconic rock bands.

There are certain kinds of riffs - chord,monophonic, performed in an open pitch or on the basis of fifths. Also guitarists often use riffs to "pedal" or tone blues riffs, performed in the key of E-major. However, these designations are conditional classification, since the same riff can combine several fragments. Because of this, every guitarist can create your own riffs in the process of experimenting with playing the guitar.

The essence of the guitar riffs

Riffs with "pedal" tone in common80 years, are constantly repeating tone. Pedal note here is the tonic, taken on an open string, which serves background for playing slots and quarts, corresponding to different chords.

Also, as the pedal tone not only allowed to use the fifth, sixth and / fourth strings.

Odnogolosyj riffs common in the 70s,They are based on the pentatonic scale and doubled an octave lower when playing the bass guitar. In odnogolosyj riffs are not used chords and intervals blotches - except that, for their execution does not require any special exercises.
Chord playing riffs with chordson slightly congested or clean sound - to the notes are not distorted. Many famous guitarists played up chord riffs, using the major pentatonic notes, as well as embedding intervals.
High-speed riffs are the simplest and mostfun option of playing the guitar. They play on the overdrive or distorshene, using only the root note (tonic) and fifth (fifth stage). These harmonies guitarist should play chesom - quick strokes down. High-speed riffs are often operated in punk music and thrash metal, as their simple design allows the guitarist into the crowd poshvyryat mediators, at the same time striking the strings and taking picture poses.

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