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WHAT is a guitar reef


What is a guitar reef</a>

Aesthetics of rock consists not only of a certain image, but also of a whole series of different guitar riffs that glorified more than one guitarist.

So what does the concept of "riff" include, what are its types and ways of extracting it from the guitar?

All About Guitar Reefs

Riff is a constantly repetitive, shortA musical fragment that can be either an introduction or any other element of a song. Guitar riffs are used as accompaniment, culmination, ending and so on. In blues and rock music, riffs are played by a rhythm guitarist in lowercase - namely, on the lower strings.

Some guitar riffs have become so recognizable that they will recognize whole songs of cult rock bands.

There are certain types of riffs - chord,One-piece, performed in an open key or on the basis of a fifth. Also, guitarists often use riffs with "pedal" tone or blues riffs, performed in the key E-major. However, these designations are a conditional classification, since several fragments can be combined in the same riff. Thanks to this, each guitarist can create his own riff while experimenting with playing the guitar.

The essence of guitar reefs

Riffs with a "pedal" tone, common in80's, represent a constantly recurring tone. The pedal note is a tonic taken on an open string, which acts as a background for playing intervals and quarts, corresponding to different chords.

Also, as a pedal tone, it is allowed to use not only the fifth, but also the sixth / fourth strings.

Odnogolosye riffs, common in the 70's,Are built on the basis of pentatonic and are duplicated by an octave lower when playing the bass guitar. In odnogolosyh riffs chords and interspersions of intervals are not used - except for this, no special exercises are required for their execution.
Chord riffs are played using chordsOn slightly overloaded or pure sound - so that the notes are not distorted. Many famous guitarists played chord riffs, using notes of major pentatonic, as well as interspersed intervals.
Speed ​​riffs are the simplest and mostA cheerful variant of playing the guitar. They play on overdrive or distortion, using only the basic note (tonic) and the fifth (fifth step). The guitarist must play these accords with a cram - fast blows down. High-speed riffs are often exploited in punk music and thrash metal, because their simple performance allows the guitarist to throw mediators into the crowd while striking the strings and taking picture poses.

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