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WHAT stiffener

What is a rib

Most solid materials can not withstand serious stress, if not promptly take precautionary measures to enhance the strength of the object.

To this end, not only in construction but also in the manufacture of many different designs of plastic and metal is so-called stiffener.

Where applicable stiffening ribs

Most designs having in its compositionlarge area flat surfaces, can significantly bend or deform at all, if they are to make a critical effort. In such cases, developers and engineers use special elements, giving the whole structure the required rigidity. Such stiffeners can be independent parts or part of the surface of the structure, making it virtually a whole.
Stiffeners are widely used inmanufacture of plastic products. Their use makes it possible to significantly reduce the wall thickness, while maintaining the necessary stiffness and strength characteristics. Ribs eliminate warping of the material and increases its resistance to buckling. They most often have the form of thin plates that make up the components and fabricated from the same material as the product itself.
These elements can often be found also inconstruction of metal doors. Here they take the form of metal bars attached to the base of the door leaf. Produce door stiffeners of steel profile, giving it pre-section of a certain kind. Good steel has at least two horizontal and two vertical edges of a type that securely prevents deformation and web structure enhances resistance to cracking.

Ribs: strength above all else

As the name implies, the stiffenersdesigned to give the structure of well-defined properties that increase its strength. But these properties are not an end in itself, as necessary to perform functions of the product. Typically, stiffeners are used in cases when you do not exclude the possibility of influence on the part unacceptable stresses and application of critical effort.
In some cases, especially itemsallow it to attach to the external stiffeners. An example is a roofing sheet material which is placed on the roof of buildings. Flat sheets are very responsive to the load, and therefore can strongly bend both under its own weight, and when exposed to external forces. Make a roofing sheet tougher helps change his profile.
The result is a corrugated sheet acrossthe surface of which pleats are arranged, in essence and are ribs. The folds may be in the form of smooth waves, and can be executed as a profile of rectangular or trapezoidal. The sheet having such a wavy relief, able to withstand very substantial load resisting bending.

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