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WHAT is the stiffener


What is a stiffener </a>

The most durable materials can not withstand a serious load, if timely do not take preventive measures to strengthen the strength of the object.

For this purpose, so-called stiffeners are used not only in construction, but also in the manufacture of a variety of plastic and metal structures.

Where the stiffeners are applied

Most of the structures that have in their compositionLarge flat surfaces, can flex substantially or completely deform if critical forces are applied to them. In such cases, developers and engineers use special elements that give the entire structure the required rigidity. Such stiffeners can be independent details or enter the structure of the surface, forming with it in fact one whole.
The stiffeners are widely used whenManufacture of plastic products. Their use makes it possible to significantly reduce the thickness of the walls, while retaining the necessary rigidity and strength characteristics. The stiffeners eliminate the warping of the material and increase its resistance to bulging. They often look like the thin plates that make up the part and are made of the same material as the product itself.
Similar elements can often be found inThe design of metal doors. Here they take the form of metal strips attached to the base of the door leaf. Manufacture of door stiffeners from the steel profile, previously giving its section a certain form. A good metal door has at least two horizontal and two vertical ribs of this type that reliably prevents deformation of the web and increases the stability of the structure to breaking.

Stiffeners: strength above all

As the name implies, the stiffenersAre designed to give the construction of certain properties that increase its strength. But these properties are not an end in themselves, but are necessary for the performance of product functions. Usually, stiffeners are used in cases where the possibility of unacceptable stresses on the part and the application of critical forces are not ruled out.
In some cases, the details of theAllow you to attach external stiffeners to it. An example is a sheet roofing material, which is laid on the roofs of buildings. Flat sheets are very responsive to the load, and therefore can strongly bend under their own weight, and when exposed to external forces. To make the roofing sheet more rigid helps to change its profile.
The result is a corrugated sheet, throughoutThe surface of which is folded, in fact, and are ribs of rigidity. The folds may look like smooth waves, but can be made in the form of a profile of a rectangular or trapezoidal section. The sheet, which has such a wavy relief, is able to withstand very substantial loads, resisting bending.

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