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"Retail" - read the current newspapers and magazines, listening to the news, you can often hear the new buzz word of foreign origin.

In fact, the value of this business term is not difficult to understand, and retailers dealing almost every adult person every day.

Retail: it and "went from there"

The word "retail" - borrowed, ie, It came to us from abroad. This is the retail Russified version of English, which means "retail trade, sale of goods or services to the final consumer." By the way, writing "reteyl" - wrong, correct to write the word through the letter "and" - as heard in English transcription.

The predecessors of the modern retail sector can be considered traditional for all countries in the world markets, flea markets, etc. T his is the inverse images of the so-called retail centers today.

Thus, retail - this is the set of allmethods, techniques and tools to bring goods and services to the final, and retail consumers. Accordingly, the retailer - a company, firm, entity or individual entrepreneur, are engaged in the retail sale of goods and provision of services. Among the most obvious and understandable to the majority of the inhabitants of examples riteylerskie organizations can result in such trade brands like X5 Retail Group, «Ashan», Metro, etc.

Retail as a sector of the modern economy

Despite the fact that the retailers involved in sellingend consumer goods, individuals today retail standards in Russia and in the world comparable in terms of turnover with the wholesale trade sector.
Modern retail is committed to ensuring thatmeans the lowest possible labor costs and time to serve the largest possible number of retail consumer goods. This is possible thanks to special technology retail, where you can keep track of the embodiment of the example of self-service supermarkets, as well as payment terminals and ATMs.

Huge shopping centers or malls, as theytoday is called - this is the modern retail centers. Their examples - complexes "Mega" in different cities of Russia, "Greenwich" in Yekaterinburg, "CUM" in Moscow, etc.

Bright feature retail - many of the mosta variety of goods and services, accumulated in one place. At the same time in any direction retail, be it food, sale of clothing, banking, etc. there is a focus on the consumer economy class, middle, luxury, deluxe and premium classes. According to this gradation, divide and all the goods and services offered.
The scale of modern riteylerskie companies can reach gigantic proportions. So, Wal-Mart US retail chain turnover of 2.5 times the turnover of a diversified corporation General Electric.

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