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What is retail?



Reading modern newspapers and magazines, listening to news, you can often hear the newfangled word of foreign origin - "retail".

In practice, the importance of this business term is not at all difficult to understand, and with retailers, almost every adult person is dealing with it day in. Day.

Retail: what is it, and "where did it go from"

The word "retail" is borrowed; Came to us from abroad. This is a Russified version of English retail, which means "retail trade, sale of goods or services to the end user." By the way, writing "retail" is incorrect, it is more correct to write this word through the letter "and" - as it is heard in English transcription.

Predecessors of modern retail can be considered traditional for any country in the world markets, street markets, etc. These are the prototypes of the so-called retail centers of our days.

Thus, retail is the totality of allMethods, techniques and tools for bringing goods and services to the final, retail consumer. Accordingly, the retailer is a company, a firm, a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who are engaged in retail sales of goods and services. Of the most obvious and understandable examples of retailers, examples of retailers include such brands as X5 Retail Group, Auchan, Metro, etc.

Retail as a sector of modern economy

Despite the fact that retailers are sellingGoods to the end consumer, individuals, today the scale of retail trade in Russia and around the world is comparable in turnover with the wholesale trade sector.
Modern retail company seeks to ensure thatBy using as little labor and time as possible to serve as much as possible the number of retail consumers of goods. This is made possible by special retail technologies, which can be traced back to the example of self-service supermarkets, as well as payment terminals and ATMs.

Huge shopping complexes, or malls, as theirToday it is customary to call it - this is modern retail centers. Their examples are Mega complexes in different cities of Russia, Greenwich in Yekaterinburg, Central Department Store in Moscow, etc.

A bright feature of retail - the mostA variety of goods and services accumulated in one place. At the same time, in any direction of retail, whether selling food, clothes, banking services, etc. There is an orientation towards consumers of economy class, medium, luxury, de lux and premium classes. According to this graduation, all the offered goods and services are shared.
The scale of modern retailers can reach huge proportions. Thus, the turnover of the American trading network Wal-Mart is 2.5 times higher than the turnover of the diversified corporation General Electric.

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