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WHAT restyling

What restyling

Restyling - a concept that is used in marketing to refer to external changes the company's image.

For example, changing a logo or corporate colors.

Restyling - a kind of face-lift in the house: the furniture is the same, but it looks much fresher.

Restyling is very often confused with the rebranding. It is not right. The concept of "re-branding" is much wider and includes changes within the company (installation, operating principles, mission and strategy) and external changes (new products, slogan, logo, perhaps even a new name of the company).
The restyling includes a change in the external style of the company.

When I needed restyling

Intense competition in the market compels companiesconstantly coming up with something new to keep the audience interested in their products. In this situation, change the appearance of a product or a logo - a necessity. The brand must comply with consumer interests and to be modern. Since the trade mark «Picnic», changing packaging chocolate bar and logo, select a different color, increased its sales by 77%.
Restyling is used when changes are madetechnology to produce the product or to improve the quality of the goods. For example, the company "Lebedyansky" produces juice, "I" for the middle price segment. Eventually they realized that the juice has a high quality and can be sold at a higher price. Changing the logo and product packaging, adding elegance while maintaining awareness of the product, the company has reached a new level with customers.

How is the restyling

First we need to determine the needs of consumers, their preferences and tastes.
Together with designers and marketers needchange the logo and corporate colors, taking into account the expectations of consumers. Sometimes it is enough just to select a different font. For example, the company Coca-Cola, changing the font of the logo printed on a hand-written, over a hundred years does not introduce any changes in it. The company remains popular among its audience and does not need to be reminded.
Through restyling, it is better to make a fewversions of the new logo and appearance of the packaging. Then it is going to a focus group of the target audience, which in the course of the discussion clarified positive and negative aspects of the new style.
As a result, by a vote, it is clear: either some version is approved, and the brand starts to work on its implementation, or need more work in search of successful stylistic changes.
After a restyling necessary to carry out an analysis of efficiency: whether sales have increased, whether new customers appeared. Only in the case of positive changes restyling can be considered successful.

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