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What religious holidays are celebrated on July 27

What religious holidays are celebrated on July 27,

Day July 27 in the Orthodox religious calendardoes not appear festive, but this date revere certain saints, and comply with a number of representatives of the tradition, for example, the Armenian Church, as well as those who are close to the pagan beliefs.

accounts for the most revered holiday of July 27 WednesdayArmenian religious - Vardavar. Feast established in honor of the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor. According to biblical legend, Christ and the three apostles went to the mountain, where there appeared to them Moses and Elijah the prophet. With the prophets said Christ, changed the face of his speeches and thoughts, and his clothes became as white as snow.

Armenian Kupala Day

In the Orthodox canons Vardavar not celebrated withscale view of the fact that, historically, the day coincided with the pagan holiday, traditions which were no less strong, for example, than the tradition of Ivan Kupala.

The name of the festival goes back to the word "Ward" -Rose, so called Armenian pagan goddess of love and fertility Astghik. Goddess grist and sowed grain, cultivating the rich harvests. Hence the tradition to pour on 27 July.

It is believed that Vardavar day proclaimedGregory the Illuminator and ordered to celebrate the Transfiguration of the Lord in the beginning of August, but later the date was floating, and only in the 17th century was fixed for July 27. The mention of Ivan Kupala Day is not surprising, as also noted Vardavar pouring and noisy festivals in the woods, is the flower fern as in Russia, are not looking for.

Finnish National Sleepy Head Day

Looking at the calendar, you can find a lot ofdecent and even somewhat humorous celebrations to mark the 27 July. For example, in America, this day is associated with a day of honoring parents. Festival has the official status and is aimed at honoring fathers and mothers. This day shows the importance of the role of parents, which marks the US government in the education of future generations.
July 27 calendar Orthodox - Day SevenYouths of Ephesus, which is in Finland, for example, jokingly called day sleepers, though July 27 has a deep and rather sad story associated with the legend of Christians (Ephesus lad, ie young people, teenagers) slept through the deep caves of more than two hundred years in the search for ways to protect themselves from the wrath of cruel Roman Emperor.

From the official holidays of July 27, the day falls of the Russian navy in Ukraine celebrating the Day of the Armed Forces.

It is interesting that this religious holidayIt has long worn off under an atmosphere of fun and inclusive national celebrations dedicated to this day. That is why on a lovely sunny day many Finns prefer to appear in cute pajamas and nightcap, completely without fear of condemnation of passers-by, and morning negligent dormice found in water, where the relatives of humorous pleasure dipped his sleepy-eyed family members.

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