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WHAT church holiday is celebrated on September 21

Nativity of the Virgin - one of the twelve great holidays which do not go Russian Orthodox Church

On September 21, there is one of the twelve great holidays which do not go Russian Orthodox Church - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, whose image is deeply revered throughout the Christian world.

This holiday is also called the second-Pure.

holiday Christmas Story Lady

Referring day of Nativity of the Virgin (21 September), which do not go to a great feast, the faithful underline what an important role is given to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Christianity.

Until the 14th century the Virgin Christmas theme was very rare in Christian art. Later this motif has become quite common.

However, the early Christians did not celebrate ChristmasVirgin. It was celebrated in the second half of the 5th century, when it was compiled biography of Mother of God, as in the New Testament contains very little information about her life.
In 1854, the Catholic Church adopted the doctrine ofImmaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, thus emphasizing its divine nature. However, the Orthodox Church does not recognize this dogma, although it agrees that Mary was conceived "by divine promise."
Nativity of the Virgin is always widely noted. This is the image of Our Lady of popularity, especially among women.

Nativity of the Virgin

In 1958, in Egypt, papyrus was found with a detailed biography of the Mother of God. This work was called Protoevangelie Jacob, by the name of the apostle who wrote it.

virtually nothing is said in the Bible aboutthe birth of the Blessed Virgin. However, this story of the event is contained in the apocryphal protevangelium from Jacob, and Gold legend describes it more in detail.
Shepherd Joachim and his wife, Anna, told inProtevangelium were childless and old grieved about it bitterly. Reproaching one spouse in infertility, Joachim left her and walked away with his flock in the desert. A shocked by Anna's abdication of her husband applied to the fervent prayers to God. Then an angel appeared to her with the news that the Lord heard and listened to her prayers. He predicted that soon Anna shall conceive and bear a child, and her offspring will speak around the world.
Exactly the same lime received from the angel inJoachim desert. Delighted, he that hour drove their flocks home, and the couple lives reigned peace, filled with joyful anticipation to the promised angel event.
After the due date, Anna made no light baby and midwife asked: "Who was born?" She replied: "Daughter." The girl named Maria.
Nowhere is it called the name of the midwife, who tooknewborn, the mother of God's future. Researchers believe that this is done with deep meaning. Many centuries later emerged and established itself among the people rite honoring women rodovspomoschnits.
So in Russia Day of Our Lady of old people became celebrated not only in honor of the Virgin Mary, her mother Anna, but also of the nameless woman midwife. This holiday is called "the day of childbirth."

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