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What is relaxation

Many people today are so accustomed to the constantmental and muscular tension that began to perceive it as a completely natural state. Inside the body fatigue, gradually accumulating, later may appear suddenly in a very painful way.

But the simplest and most effective method of preventing this is relaxation.


Relaxation - the ability of the humanthe body to the psychological and physical relaxation. In fact, the use of very high relaxation. This practice has long been used in relaxation yoga to martial arts, in the process of spiritual self-improvement and self-development. In everyday life, relaxation helps to strengthen the body, relieves stress and emotional tension, soothes, taught correctly and breathe deeply to increase the amount of oxygen in the internal organs.
Doubtless advantage of the relaxation is alsothat can master this process each person, it does not require special equipment or specialized education. It will need only the desire and the presence of minimal knowledge on the subject.

Tips for beginners

A distinctive feature of relaxationIt considered a dipping process in a state of complete or best possible muscle relaxation. Many Eastern practices to achieve complete relaxation of the body is used quieting mental activity. It is a condition of the body is called meditation.
For the first lessons in relaxation techniques likebest fit a small secluded room or quiet place in nature. It is advisable to avoid bright light, strong smells, unwitting spectators and noise. Encouraged softly light relaxing music.

Best simple exercises

It is necessary to lay down in a comfortable position on a firmsurface. Pillow is not useful, but should be comfortable to lie. It is necessary to try to leave the mortal thoughts about everyday worries and experiences. You can imagine something pleasant - spark a fire, the surf or a waterfall noise. Try to start relaxing the muscles of the body, will be the first toes, and then the calf muscles, thighs, torso, arms, neck, head. This state of relaxation to try to keep at least a couple of minutes. When the experience is over, while the relaxation can be increased.
Another method of relaxation - imagine a warm,bringing joy, pleasant light. This light and warmth gradually fills the whole body. It becomes cozy and good feelings and negative emotions go away.
The success of an effective and efficient relaxation depends on proper breathing. During the exercise, it should be deep, calm and steady.

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