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What is regional studies

In many schools to the usual subjects likegeography or social science disciplines have joined the new. It is not always even parents understand exactly what it will teach their children according to new programs.

For example, the subject caused raznotolki regional studies.

Not to be confused with the well-known regional studiessciences, such as geography or geography usual, we are talking about a complex subject, studied history, cultural characteristics, economy, religion, place in the international political system and many other features of a particular region, subject to examination and study.

The region, as a subject for studies

By region, in this case it refers to a separateterritory taken, which may include a particular country, as well as a number of states united by historical, religious, geographic, or other criteria. As a rule, the basis for such a gradation areas is a sign language, almost always coincides with the selected geographical boundaries of the state, uniting this or that nation. Today, among the main areas of Regional Studies isolated study of North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation in the complex or Russia as a separate state.
Begin development of an uneasy subjectis with the knowledge of local history, here are of great importance in applied research related to the research itself "in the fields", on the excavations and places that played a major role in shaping the country. It is necessary to get a clear idea about the features of the formation of language, religion and culture of any nation, to understand the place of the region in a number of other countries, which has a geopolitical significance as the indigenous population are currently residents of other countries.

of Regional Science

Modern science puts forward a series of regional studiesrequirements for specialists and all the knowing this direction. Pupils and students should have basic knowledge on the current state of the economy, policies in the region, further development prospects, opportunities to participate in shaping international relations.
From the students want to use and the ability toto understand the language of the scientific literature, modern fiction, perceive the language of cinema in the context of cultural and social development of the region under study. Sightseeing tours, visits, participation in conferences and workshops - all designed to help students to master such a difficult, but very interesting and promising subject.
Experts in the field of regional studies havepossess not only excellent knowledge of native and several foreign languages, but also skillfully guided in matters of geopolitics, economic and cultural development of the region under study.

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