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WHAT reggae

Bob Marley

Reggae - national type of pop music. Reggae roots grow from the people of Jamaican music and rhythm and blues.

Fusion of these two trends emerged in the sixties of the twentieth century, when Jamaican musicians in his own way replicated the New Orleans rhythm and blues, heard on the radio.

Reggae - Lifestyle

Nowadays the word "reggae"This means not only original, interesting music, but also a kind of worldview. Religion reggae musicians became Rastafarianism. According to the prediction, Ras Tafari Makkonen (the ruler of Ethiopia, on whose behalf and called a new religion) was to release all the suffering, to save them from "Babylon," and to return to his homeland in Africa to the spiritual and ethnic roots.
In Rastafarianism ideal is universalfraternity, which should be achieved spiritual, rather than a revolutionary way. The way of gaining spiritual enlightenment for most rastamanov became grass of wisdom, better known as marijuana, it is believed that it was first grown on the grave of the wisest of kings - Solomon.
Rastamanov can easily be identified by a preferred color (combination of yellow, green and red) and a pigtail-dreadlocks, which serve as antennas in the spiritual world, a way of communicating with their god.
The forerunner of the musical style of reggaeis ska, he borrowed a new direction characteristic rhythm and set of tools. However, ska was too fast for rastafarian relaxed, so they have significantly reduced the tempo of the music, the rhythm did more capricious and unstable. The right rhythm - the foundation of reggae music, because it was he must translate the positive vibrations in the world.

Fundamentals of musical style

Reggae - a very diverse musical style. In the framework coexists unsophisticated, deliberately simplified folk variety and extremely complex, smoothed pop. Classics and reggae king was and still is Bob Marley, who has made his music quintessence of all the hopes rastamanov. His melodies were peaceful, dance, unusual, but it carried a powerful political and social charge, calling on mankind to return to the origins.
Despite the fact that Bob Marley died in earlyeighties of the last century, his records continue to come out, and many of them never before published. Rastas believe Marley prophet, without detracting from its musical and poetic talents, they give him almost divine properties.
One of the modern trends in the development of reggae - dub poetry. Its inventor was the Linton Kwesi, he invented the first monotonously recite complex poetic texts sophisticated rhythms of reggae.

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