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WHAT record for the most gold medals at the Universiade set

One of the 155 gold medals went to Kazan 2013 Anastasia Kovyazin

Universiade - a traditional sport tournament, which carries out the FISU (International University Sports Federation). The very name is a combination of the words "university" and "Olympiad".

As in the Olympics, there is a medal standings, a victory which is the purpose of performance of all participants.

All eyes fly

Although the Universiade are held not only in summer but alsoin winter, the focus of sports statisticians attract exactly the first. After all, the summer student competition involved more countries and athletes. And played them, of course, many more awards. In the history of the Universiade tournament was held 53 (27 summer and 26 winter). As a result of all the winners received prizes, which could be proud of.

According to eyewitnesses, the medal of the Universiade 2013the organizers have done a very fragile, and a few of them "killed" more on return. Similar incidents have occurred, particularly with the Russian and Chinese Azamat Laypanova Tian Jine.

The first medal, the first record

Summer Universiade the number 1, which has becomelegal successor conducted in 1923-1957 years World University Games, held in Turin, Italy in 1959 and brought the expected success of the hosts. 18 gold medals Azzurri became the first record of the competition.
Another triumph student Olympicsis the US national team, after eight years of winning in Tokyo 31, the highest award. But the most striking achievement of the 20th century, and a new record, once dubbed the "eternal", established a student team of the USSR. At the Universiade-73 in Moscow in the Soviet team turned out 68 gold awards. A total number of prizes stood at a record high as 134.

Golden China

A fantastic achievement for the USSR national team numberClimbing up on a pedestal lasted a really long time. And was beaten when the Soviet Union no longer was. This happened in 2011 at the Games in Chinese Shenzhen. Surpassed as their geographical neighbors, the Chinese athletes, students who have won on their land 75 gold medals.

Kazan phenomenon

Universiade 2013 in Kazan can be considereda continuation of initiated two years before the rivalry between Russia and China. And if in Shenzhen, Chinese athletes have surpassed Russians have become second in the total number of medals (145 vs. 132), and by gold (75 to 42), then a convincing revenge occurred in the capital of Tatarstan.
First home gold went to diverEvgeny Kuznetsov. And all the Russian student team has managed to win at the XXVII World Summer Universiade 292 medals, including 155 gold. There's a new record! The way, the closing of the 155 won arrow Taras Luginets. Team took the second step of the podium the Chinese team took home 77 awards, gold of which were only 26.

The greatest number of medals won in KazanRussian Vladimir Morozov - 6, four of them were the highest dignity. Also won four gold Yulia Efimova (both - swimming) and Margarita Mamun (rhythmic gymnastics).

Who is bigger?

The first place, encouraged by the gold medals,Russian athletes won 23 kinds of sports program 2013 Games. Most of all they turned out to be in the "piggy bank" of athletes - 22. Excellent made in Kazan representatives swimming (17 gold medals), sambo, wrestling and shooting sports (12), rowing and canoeing and gymnastics (10), fiction gymnastics (8), boxing, weightlifting and fencing (all 6).

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