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WHAT is reconstituted juice


What is reconstituted juice</a>

In stores there is simply a huge selection of packaged juices.

Of all the diversity representedThe most likely you will choose the reconstituted juice, since there are too many water, sugar, sometimes chemical additives in nectars, and not all producers offer juice of direct pressing.

How do reconstituted juice?

The basis of reconstituted juices is fruit,Vegetable or berry concentrate. It is made by evaporating or freezing water from natural juice, wrung out of fruit raw materials. Concentrate looks like a thick, viscous mass, reminiscent of jam or jelly.

For the production of juice, the concentrate is "steamed"Heated, and then cooled. After that, add water - its amount should correspond to the previously evaporated or freeze-dried volume. Additives such as sugar or citric acid are allowed, but the acidulant and sugar can only be added separately.

Restored juices are slightly more flavorful and tastier than direct squeezed juices. This is due to the fact that the technology of juice recovery allows the use of a certain amount of aromatic substances.

After the addition of water, the homogenized juice is heat treated and poured into a package that allows the freshness and taste of the product to be preserved for as long as possible.

Harmful or useful?

Of course, freshly squeezed juice is more useful thanRestored. But the freshly squeezed juices do not tolerate storage - they can be consumed within 20-30 minutes after preparation, then the vitamins in the juice begin to break down, and after a few hours fermentation may begin. Controllable technological process allows the maximum preservation of useful substances in the reconstituted juice during almost the entire storage time and destroy microorganisms that can cause product spoilage.
Because both concentrate before recovery, andReady-made reconstituted juice is pasteurized, some vitamins are inevitably destroyed as a result of such a multi-stage treatment. Therefore, to make the juice not only tasty, but also useful, it is often added vitamins, indicating this on the product packaging.

Pay attention to the shelf life of the juice - byThe storage of vitamins and trace elements naturally decreases, in the first six months after manufacturing, the amount of nutrients in the juice is maximized.

The quality of raw materials, from which juice is made, is strictly controlled - all fruits should be as fresh as possible, without damage or signs of rot.
Ensure that you do not become a victimAn unscrupulous producer using low quality raw materials or a concentrate with the addition of sugar and flavors can be performed under several conditions. Do not pursue the cheapness - the reconstituted juice can not be cheaper than nectar. In the product can be only juice, water, vitamin complexes, sugar or lemon, ascorbic acid - no "flavoring identical to natural" in the reconstituted juice should not be.

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