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WHAT reduced juice

What is the reduced juice

The stores represented a huge selection of packaged juices.

From all represented diversitymost likely you choose juice is reduced, as nectars too much water, sugar, and sometimes chemical additives, and the juice of direct extraction offer far not all manufacturers.

How do reconstituted juice?

At the heart of the recovered juice - fruity,vegetable or berry concentrate. It is made by evaporation or freezing out the water from the natural juice squeezed from a fruit material. Concentrate looks like a thick viscous mass, reminiscent of jam or jelly.

Concentrate "steamed" For making juice,is heated and then cooled. Then add the water - it must match the number of the evaporated or previously frozen volume. Allowed additives such as sugar or citric acid, however, acidulant and the sugar can be added only individually.

Reconstituted juice slightly fragrant and delicious juices of direct expression. This is due to the fact that the juice recovery technology allows a certain amount of aromatic substances.

After adding water, homogenized juice undergoes a heat treatment and is poured into the package, allowing for as long as possible to preserve the freshness and taste of the product.

Harmful or helpful?

Of course, fresh juice is more useful thanrestored. But fresh juices do not tolerate storage - you can use them for 20-30 minutes after cooking, then the vitamins in the juice begin to break down, and after a few hours of fermentation can begin. The controlled process allows to preserve nutrients in the reconstituted juice for virtually the entire storage period and to destroy microorganisms that can cause damage to the product.
As before recovery and concentrate, andthe finished reconstituted juice pasteurization pass, part of the vitamin as a result of a multi-stage processing inevitably collapses. Therefore, the juice was not only delicious, but also useful, it is often added vitamins, pointing it on the product packaging.

Pay attention to juice shelf life - forAs the storage content of vitamins and minerals naturally decreases during the first six months after production of useful substances in the juice as possible.

Quality of raw material from which made juice is strictly controlled - all the fruit should be as fresh, no damage or signs of decay.
Ensure that you do not become a victimunscrupulous manufacturers using raw materials of low quality or concentrate with the addition of sugar and flavorings, can be subject to several conditions. Do not chase cheapness - reconstituted juice can not cost less than nectar. The composition of the product can only juice, water, vitamin complexes, sugar or citric acid, ascorbic acid - no "flavor identical to natural", in the reduced juice should not be.

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