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How is the real name of the singer Maksim


What is the real name of the singer Maksim</a>

In March 2006, the debut album of the singer with the strange name Maxim, entitled "Difficult Age", was released.

Not only did the songs appeal to a huge number of listeners, but the interest in the singer was also fueled by the fact that she wears a man's name.

Steps to popularity

Singer Maxim was born in Kazan, from an early ageWas fond of music - she studied at the music school on the vocal and piano class. She started writing her songs very early. Already at the age of fourteen, Maxim wrote songs "Alien", "Winter" and others, which later became part of her second album.

The popular song of the young singer from Tatarstan "Get Started" musical pirates included in the album "Russian Ten", but as a performer they recorded the band "Tatu".

In 2005, the young singer is sentConquer Moscow. With her, she carries all her material, demo songs and video footage of the performances in the clubs. I must say that by that time Maxim already had a small popularity, her composition "Centimeters of Breath" took 34 line in the general radio broadcast of the CIS countries.
As a result, the ambitious girl went toCompany Gala Records, where she stayed for a long time. Its popularity grew every day, the number of awards increased. Moreover, each of her albums sold at least a million copies. Songs from albums for several weeks were the first lines in the charts.
What is the secret of such popularity? Many critics can not answer this question. Perhaps in a competent presentation of the material by the producers of the singer, a well thought out image. However, watching all the interviews Maxim, reading all her comments in the press, you can understand that this girl does not pretend to be pure and kind. She is open and benevolent in fact. Someone from the critics compared it to the phenomenon of "Tender May", but Maxim is not a well thought-out PR move, it's a living person.

Origin of the name

As soon as the singer became known to a wide audience, she immediately took the pseudonym Maxim. There are two versions of the origin of this name, but the singer herself did not reveal the truth.
The real name of the girl is Marina SergeevnaAbrosimova, perhaps on the girl's maiden name of the singer and invented a pseudonym for herself - Maksimova. The second version of the origin of the variety name is more real. Little Marina in childhood was very friendly with her older brother, whose name was Maxim. The girl went everywhere behind him with a tail, as a result, close friends of her brother and sister began to call Marina Maxim.

Earlier the pseudonym of the singer was written as Maxi-M, but after a short time the writing was transformed into Maksim.

Marrying, Marina did not change her surname, in the passport she is still Abrosimova.

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