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WHAT read a fascinating book about the adventures

What to read a fascinating book about the adventures

Adventure novel genre was born in the middleXIX century. White spots on the world map was not so much to prevent travel, but still enough to excite the imagination of scientists and writers.

Adventure or adventure novel was designed to entertain the reader, get him away from the boring everyday life in a wonderful world, to learn to dream.

Today written by the classics of adventuregenre novels may seem a bit naive, but we should not forget that many of them, such as "Treasure Island" RL Stevenson or "Children of Captain Grant" Jules Verne was originally published in magazines for young people.
Despite the fact that pure adventure todaygenre gave way to detective fiction and fantasy, he does not lose his position of classical literature. Adventure novels divided into novels about pirates, about the search for the treasures of the uninhabited islands, the Indian, on colonial novels and novels of cloak and dagger. About incredible journeys and adventures of Jules Verne wrote, Rider Haggard, Louis Bussenar, Mayne Reid, Robert L. Stevenson.

"Heir of Calcutta"

Roman Robert Shtilmark "Heir of Calcutta"It takes the reader to the end of the era of great geographical discoveries, during the reign of England's highest as a colonial empire. Gripping story tells of a pirate captain Bernadito that captures a ship in the Indian Ocean with the English aristocrat Lord Ryland and his bride. Throwing Lord Ryland on a desert island, a pirate under his guise of returning to England. These events, which is more than enough for an entire novel, are only complication of the main narrative.
R. Shtilmark wrote his work in the camp, in the construction of the Salekhard-Igarka, knowing that the older a foreman waited completed novel to kill the writer and assign the novel itself. However Shtilmark able to secure the release and publication of his work in the series "Library of adventure and science fiction", after which the novel became a bestseller.

"White jaguar, Arawak chief"

Polish writer Arkady Fiedler studied inNatural Science University, which allowed him to see a part of expeditions to the most exotic corners of the globe. All the experience and knowledge gained, he endured on the pages of his books, highly regarded literary prizes and government awards.
The novel "White jaguar, Arawak chief" istrilogy, in which a descendant of Polish immigrants runs from North America and by chance is on an uninhabited island of the Caribbean. Having survived his Robinson Crusoe, the hero gets to the South American Arawak Indians. The young American becomes the leader of the tribe, sincerely loving the nation, and is leading the fight against the Spanish conquerors.
Currently an exciting affairadventure novel clearly discerned from the action-packed cryptography works by Dan Brown, from the series of Boris Akunin about Erast Fandorin, from fantasy epics Robin Hobb. Opening the book, people do not stop to dream and fantasize about the impossible.

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